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Premature award presentation Brought to you by Nobody premature Markkula ation. And when Calvin Johnson doesn't go in this year, and he is a Hall of Famer, nobody's gonna argue with that at all. But when Calvin Johnson going in this Megatron of the Detroit Lions, he they've got to catch up on old business is the way the NFL work. I'll bet you another round of sandwiches that he knew. OK, OK, you were on murder, eight minutes. Charles Woodson. Mark will be the first time guys to go this year. I'm trying to help you out here. You're gonna lose it back. County judge any going in the health and John's going. The whole thing is here. Hey, he didn't even pay $20. Mark cover two sandwiches today. He could make you can afford $20. I think I paid $20 for that's what I said Merck lost. Merc lost the bed yesterday. I said we got bars sandwiches coming. I haven't had a Barney sandwich in forever. Thank you, Mark. I'm trying to save you some money. He's not going in the hall of Fame this Leroy Butler is going in this year. You want another sandwich? Bet I grant you that little I don't know, Probably, but Calvin's going in as well. I like boxing around, man. It's his partner. Having a good time shot more than I get. I get. No, I got another bourbon. Fine. Not my Lord. Come on The Jetsons. Bourbon. I'll do I said Mark confuses me sometimes, too, because you know every once in a while on it. We see eye to eye on a lot of things. And, yeah, I agree with him about dreaming. But then I'll tell me what Dwight Howard's not hall fame arrested. Mark What What And what? I I actually I actually have changed, But they told me that a couple years ago is like Mark. No one Chris going Chris Pashto. But Dwight Howard when you're wrong on that, too, I mean, but you're doing it twice. I mean, you know how you're talking about inherited like a four time defensive player of the year He took a team to the finals by himself. I'm a guy could best player on that team was Jameer Nelson, Right? I mean, are you kidding? I'm a guy that calls for open mikes. I believe that everybody should be able to chime in on this show whenever they feel they've got something of input to go ahead and provide for the show. But when you start making those proclamations in any other of this silliness There may be a vote taken here between the four of us if we might not want to cut that Michael off. No, I will never come works. Mike's What I'm trying to tell you because this silliness is wonderful sometimes. Yeah, yes. Yeah, like that. My brother Randy. Michael never become. Hope replaces, Okay? We're having a good time today. Nothing's getting cut off When we come back. I want to play what's with George McCaskey taking shots at Waddell? I think they're close enough. They have a close enough relationship where I think he could take a tongue in cheek shot, Adam, but we'll find out we'll see what it sounds like We're gonna play it coming up next. Plus, I've got odds on who the bear Starting quarterback is going to be in 2021. You've already got some online books. Given posting action on that, and I'll give you a little update 3123323776. If you'd like to join us today, Talk about anything you like Bulls Blackhawks, both in Action Tonight divisional weekend in the National Football League, who is going to be the Bears quarterback next year? Yeah, you can chime in and we'll go over some of the odds when we come back Next. You're listening to Carmen in.

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