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This is the airport foggy coaches show on exports 1300 and the air force img sports network ryan kaufman uh joined by frank territory so uh frank as we sit here after the the weekend has concluded its back into uh conference play and right now mercy hurst is right above you um we were talking about this so a little bit earlier that we have seen teams over the past few years because of how young and inexperienced you are they you feel like the second part of this season is really win this team will show how good they are in and really make a move now because of the injuries do you feel like it's kind of a similar situation going into the second part of the season that really we haven't seen the falcons as we thought we would see and now we will coming out of the this break we have to find our game here simpson after it was hard to get our stride in the first half we're communism find our game and there's something that happened get better we need we need to become a more difficult team to play against we we haven't been a very difficult play team to play against throughout the first half uh you know we've we've gone a hat what like we're we've got two nations nisfu our game and there's gonna be a physical element to that too that can ask city and uh with a number of families who got on saturday now you think that we were uh playing a a physical game but uh not as much as we need to like i was fulton allem as a collective rules roof within the second half museveni here and pay is it isn't found in windings murphy who've know about your your come a point in time were removed races in his best of the home happy get it done we ultimately we wanted to be hitting our strides around playoff time and uh but you don't wanna wait like teams are made of a human being paid regard light fixtures if if there were found on explosive and you know we've got to keep your point were uh we're playing our best talking as we as well as we antle the playoffs and uh see where that happens the better uh i thought we got.

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