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Not what somebody explain to me this oprah is what she's a television host right hit okay what me the cecil b demille award for crying you know what that is right she did she did a color purple cecil b demille created an industry defined in she got a movie or two how does that work how do you get the cecil b has spielberg won the cecil b demille award i don't know i'm just asking out here first african american woman to win no i'm not upset sheep for i don't care i'm i'm i'm simply asking about you know how hollywood and the left and awards from lee gave then rather an award for the fake news he did on on george bush and the and the and the national guard and they and they did that to protect the business so you give the oprah one of these awards here in the midst of destroying the harvard everybody else socially anyone immured you know how the left is corrupt corrupted everything it touches because it's politicized everything i don't care if she won the says will be the middle warned i'm just wondering how it works the oprah start a studio heart harpo productions annette did movies okay if istan corrected apart voted movies i them correct i didn't know that oprah have become such of a hollywood mogul i didn't know that oprah's name gets mentioned with the with spielberg and ridley scott and harvey weinstein all the big producers i i learn something was what else we have your rhythm of ever but all let little brian stelter cnn he's the media critic media analysts cnn and this morning on cnn poppy harlow uh one of the imf obey babes at sea and it was speaking with reliable sources host brian stelter talking about media mogul allpro and cecil b demille award winner lifetime achievement award winner cecil b demille award winner oprah winfrey and her speech at the golden globes last night poppy harlow said bryan this is your reporting on what twenty twenty could look life now that's that's this is what your reporting on twitter could look like that was the question here's what little brian said according to two of her close friends she is actively thinking about running for president in two thousand twenty and a dozen means he's made up her mind until g has not made up.

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