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They will send you the amac advantage membership magazine, and you will get all those benefits. Amac dot US. That's A M A C. We have a cobalt. Our line's lit up with this question of what the president should say tonight. And what the reality is is it a national emergency. I'm a newbie. I don't know when the board is full you advertise your number and people get busy tones. I'm just going to put it out there because you need to know how to reach us. It is eight three three three three Gocha G O K A eight three three three three four six seven five two. Let's go straightaway. The line one Roberta in queens. What should the president tube? Roberta. Yes. Thank you. Doctor gore doing so much for this country. Yes, I Dr I've seen soundbites film bites. Well, while someone I'm guessing when the president is talking they showed the film bites of the people climbing the wall, and when they're throwing bottles and rocks. I found that very effective. It was very shocking and striking. So the show. He should have the images of what cold refugees are doing when they're assaulting a border patrol agents. I like it. I don't know if you can fit that into the eight minutes. Something the White House can do separately. I think that's a great idea. Roberta as somebody who is in the communications business visuals of very very powerful. They tell a story. Thank you. Let's go to line three. Jeff, Jeff, are you in California or you just want to talk about California. Oh, you bet. I am Dr Gorka and thank you for your patriotism. I appreciate that. Yeah. Seamy valley, and I'd like to speak about what the president should say this evening, six o'clock and nine o'clock on the east coast sixty plots here in the west coast. He's a great, man. And a lotta people get get a lot of problems when I speak is name and say how great that is made America and America, I what I'm saying is Dr Gorka, and I know that you're another brother from the different mother. But I will tell you this about that. We have a direct problem that is subjecting our country now, and the Democrats don't seem to understand. And maybe they do maybe they feel that they can get more votes. If they opened up our borders. We can't afford is taxpayers to support all these people. In a lot of them are has an ulterior motive, at least gangs. That s for Mexico and the southern latitudes. I say build that wall build it now building three stories I in two stories deep and put our troops out of the mid east get him out of the mid east. They've had their chance with us. We've done great things for everybody in this country and God bless America. But I will tell you this about that. I. Yes. Right. I I hope speaking too fast. And I think that your other colors collars, going to get the rest of the call. So what what else very quickly could you share with us before we go to our next goal? L all back our American principles and everything that we stand for our values and God bless America. And God bless our president which is being torn apart by the media, and all these other leftist that are I don't know what kind of cool eight they're drinking out of their minds. Thank you. That definitely drinking Kool aid that definitely. It's been decades in the building. Thank you for a very positive message. Mike in LA. You also have some very very specific thoughts on this issue there. Mike line, doctor, Dr Gorka, I don't know why should call you. I feel like I should call. You Sebastian since I've seen so much of you. But who said my friends, call me, sad or dockage? Great. Thank you stab. Okay. Here's the deal. I don't think that Donald Trump should go too much into any anything of ancillaries into the drugs or maybe a little too human trafficking. This is an invasion. This is not about refugees United States statistically allows one million legal immigrants into this country annually one million and people wake their line. I know that you are a legal immigrant you correctly oath to protect and serve the United States of America. Did people even to congress people? Newly elected swore not on the on the bible, not on the United States constitution. But on the on the Koran to to to to the sharia, but keeping to point this is an invasion. This is not about refugees. And I am right here in the heart of a Grech crack where millions of dollars billions seventy billion being wasted on a train to know. You're nowhere by outgoing governor Jerry Brown. Not only that listen, Mike, Mike might have you followed the news. It's not just California. The mayor of New York has just said he he is guaranteeing guaranteeing healthcare for everyone in New York, including illegal immigrants. It is out of control. Thank you guys. Who do not go away? I will be going to.

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