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For and I was their best tech and they're like hey. Steve You WANNA. Go showed Richard Avedon. Digital work some like yeah. He was awesome. You know I think he's like Dick. How you doing you know he was amazing. Dude? That's so passionate about image making. Capturing the essence of people and stuff, and so we did one day I showed him how there's a word that we did another day where he was shooting self portrait of himself for some ad for HP or something, and it was Super Fun, and once I got to work and see like in fashion and beauty in in product and kind of work with a bunch of different people, and that's honestly like. School was great. I learned so much just like hard knocks. And getting. Better getting paid to work for other people but then once again I told you I started shooting jobs for magazines, and so this was all kind of running like. I was assisting digital tech. I was doing some retouching for people to like Photoshop. Five or whatever it was that and you know doing all this stuff. It just always hustling, hustling hustling..

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