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Hey, Scott, what you're talking about Hillary? Well, we are 13 days away from Super Bowl 55 Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady said to make history become the first team to play a Super Bowl in our home stadium when they face the defending Super Bowl champion can city chiefs Led by Patrick Mahomes. This will also be the first Super Bowl matchup between the two previous winning quarterbacks of Super Bowls course spreading did it a couple seasons ago with the Patriots, Mahomes last year with the chief's Brady will also be playing in his 10th Super Bowl. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta saying today the team would like to lock up star quarterback Lamar Jackson on a long term deal this offseason, even plans to speak to him in the next 10 days. College basketball. Wednesday's George Mason game against George Washington. Postpone Colonials continue to remain on pause You took over at 19 issues. Texas basketball coach Shaka Smart, announcing today he's tested positive covered 19. He'll have to isolate Away from his team and from his family number eight. Virginia hosted Syracuse Tip off in about 15 minutes down in Charlottesville Number seven Maryland women taking on Ohio State in Big 10 play on the road. College football today. Tough break for the Terps linebacker. Chance Campbell entering the transfer protocol. NBA No Wizards tonight, But tomorrow night's first crack it John Wall since that trade to Houston with Wizards play on the road in Houston. Scott Jackson Wtp sport. Thank you, Scott. In just a few minutes, House impeachment managers will begin the solemn formal process of bringing an article of impeachment to the Senate to start The trial of former President Trump More ahead. 6 47. Dad, I got us cash by with easy match to play Easy match. What's that? It's a cash five upgrade. I don't know why your generation has to have all these new bells and whistles. The new Cash five has a daily growing jackpot, starting at $100,000 and or just a buck more, you could win $500 instantly with easy match. What That.

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