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Everybody in what episode of gained my mom found i Mike Everton the gray Freddie Krueger here yeah so after I said Oh my that's probably not the right choice as I'm talking okay where we want to give a quick in our pockets had mentioned earlier in this call movement radios a podcast professional wrestling tag team the movement talk about topics such as wrestling sports places and many other the subject to kind of touch on Soviet Union are pockets agitation give them a listen let them know we sent we sent we sent them your way you know I did not say we anthem we sent you their way gave you a map and there you go I play me angry orchard on I'm drinking long Dr Stephens this was something you would recommend it for us a comic that I knew existed but never had read introduce what what you picked out for us what we're reading this week sure I just want to give it another quick PSA though before we start that Mike is he's not technically having problems with his mind phone or something but if he cuts out a little bit we won't apologize for that but otherwise yeah but otherwise we are reading the Vertigo comic which is a subsidiary of DC comics the Sandman by Neil diamond which was has artists Sam Keith and Mike Drink Drinking Drinking Bird Jill Thompson lot artists but it was a seventy plus covering volume one because it was like seventy plus comics so we're just doing issues one through eight and of course we'll be spoilers for this of course but Whoa yeah but it came out it came out in one thousand nine hundred nine so froze storm yeah okay this is it anyway I had when I was talking about when I was playing for earlier this year and I posted something vaguely spoilers and he was series I thought he was kidding. I'm like this game came out on Super Nintendo I don't think there's always take count anymore guys like you know just because you might have stayed oblivious to something I mean that's cool but you can't be upset when you're in a gaming group gaming post dumping from again the came out in the nineties but it'll be okay especially if they give PSA thirty pictures and said hi UH and we picked this comic me because we want to have a spooky comic for our October Spooky spooked over that we were doing that I already to be done with the things on here I am look it's kind of a spooky comic I guess I don't know what you want to explain how it starts Mike sure I can I try well I mean this isn't a one hundred one this is part of the DC universe and not part of the university at the same time it weeks back then it wasn't vertical with something a little different was a DC imprint so they published it and it has some of their characters but didn't really fit same universe I wanNA say like you're GonNa have explaining it right I would say that vertigo was a little bit more adult is what it was it was still DC it was a little bit more adults like Marvel Knights or image comics in general so this often thinking what Nineteen Thirties WanNa say ninety one before that yeah it is it's you in six nineteen sixteen England and so on doc was reading this first issue and I was just confused because it it has an old guy talking to cultivate and being reminded of Oscar Crowley you want to say that the guy's name the cultures that was I think he might have been later but it reminded me of that and it kind of talks about different horse different light this deity that they're trying to get the cultists are having ceremony in the basement of course they're all wearing robes of course and they're trying to get DT of because they're dumb asses so off gun plan I and if you're trying to catch a god or seeing you you might have more industrial but hey it worked but also I would you want to get the guy out of debt like to me it just seems or the whatever the hell this thing is just getting a little crazy yeah and they they screwed up to because it's kind of like cooking I think that they can replace like garlic salt with Basil and it'll still be a fine combination what happened basically yeah yeah they try to summon death and they tried to capture it because they wanna be immortal forever but they accidentally don't catch death which is like a lady they catch brother which is the Sandman and he kind of abuse and they they have like a little circle where he can't exit because of the spell that is cast around it so when they summoned him he's trapped in that bubble and strip him of his helmet they strip necklaces jewelry and then of his clothing so he's basically naked any super pale long black hair he kind of looks like the Crow Yeah Yeah Helmet a helmet just makes me just did not understand that omit Kinda looks something for Malians like it it it looks very messed up gas and I was just like what the hell is this like I mean this character comes out has a ruby necklace around his neck beg bag of saying well San I didn't know what the hell it was weird mass looks like an alien wearing a gas mass going under yep but they they use a book that's the main guy has name is Burgess I think and it's given to him by a guy named Jonathan Hitchcock or something and he wants to bring his son back from the dead and he thinks that Burgess summoning death and giving them immortality is going to be able to do that the problem is when they get the San man a hitchcock or whatever his name is he realizes that Burgess has just completely fricken evil and he not only can't fulfill his promise but that he's using all of their money to keep this will thing going because they're kind of like like a super colts that's being funded by the rich of the time the also put him in a giant glass ball right I remember it correctly yeah also strange in anything goes on as I think it goes on for a few years well it overall what he's in this ball I know it goes on for years but early on one of the people who helped him get the guy betrays him and runs away the three artifacts of the Sandman the mask the sandbag and the jewel and I want to say that it's nineteen twenties nineteen thirty sorry right so it kind of shows you how he's been you know as time goes on and getting older getting crazier has no longer evil evil professor in this and the whole time the San is just sitting there like I'm just GonNa wait until I can get out of here he doesn't say a single word to any of them so they through the years you just see them like controlling him saying they're going to do this and that too if he doesn't give them what they want and he just stands there stares at him and says absolutely nothing and the guy who ran off with the artifacts he he gets betrayed I think or no they have a victory yeah and the girl leaves and she takes to the artifacts I think one of them for sure now I don't remember that I'm looking at it right now look sold the helmet to somebody in he saw you too easy amulet amulet protects them and then when when his wife leaves she takes the amulet or wherever she has and that's what enemy dying of the animals keeping him safe right because what happens is when Burgess finds out of the trail they start having this very small magic war across the globe where they're trying to cast spells on each other but the guy who ran off with a because he gave the helmet to the demon and he has the amulet he's able to ward off the spells until he loses it and then he's basically early slaughtered it's a really gory picture to Oh yeah the other panels and show it goes in one thousand nine hundred yes go ahead okay it shows nineteen forty seven and it shows the old man and I didn't catch this until I read the comic I didn't really he's standing right at the edge of the circle circle painted on that we're talking about it not doesn't even want to stay on the ground like don't touch the ground but he and he's standing there crying stain how you know he should help them in that he won't he never gonNa let them go and then the old man dies in throughout this issue there are showing there's all these people who can't wake up with Mike Sleep Coma for years right as the San Man with today known hungry notice hand man now okay but the DVD a trap it just stuck in there and he's helped people sleep I guess so right so there's like a one of the sad stories that came out of that is I forget her name now but there's a girl eight year old girl who goes to sleep and she wakes up and then when she goes back to sleep she sleeps longer than she did previous sleep so she's starting to sleep longer and longer and longer and eventually she's in asleep in coma to where later on we find out that not only was she in the coma but she had a child and then she starts dreaming of this child that she had which is super sad and kind of us yeah but all these things are happening across the below and the Sandman because he's trapped in the circle he I can't help them dream and wake up or go back to sleep because there's also a soldier who can't go to sleep who takes his life because he's just going insane being awake for a year which I don't even know how that's possible physically think there's also one that's like just endlessly like sleepwalking like just stuck in like a Zombie state that's right yeah I'm speaking mostly blocked through his world and the the old man who has dream in the circle when he's going away and his wheelchair is like take me back up to wherever he's going better whatever the we chairs slides over the circle and breaks the spell so now all all the Sandman has to do is escape the bubble and he starts to fake like he's playing ed so that they come down and the guards are like well that's never happened before he's never done that and they opened the door and as soon as they opened the door he blows sand in all their faces is and what happens to them as they go into endless sleep is what it's called dream with sleep endless sleep and basically what it is as they continuously are caught in dreams so when they wake up they think they're out of the dream but they're just an another eternal waking I think it's called old eternal waking that's what it is yeah and it's kind of fucked up but it seems horrifying just every time you think you're when you wake up out of that nightmare then you're back in session and basically also the astle you had mentioned that they had guards around this bubble twenty four seven for like fifty sixty years our long you're more than maybe to pay people to sit here and watch making Ma'am I do like to escape being just keeping through their dreams he blows the sand on it is to at some point that the time he spent in their his time to him is the same as time to humans so he says seventy years imagine how long that was that's a human's life and it went at a snail's pace and he's and he's talking to the grandson or the son of the guy who imprisoned mm-hmm yeah he goes to the guy who's old now is sleeping son is all but also like we were talking about with that people start to wake up like the Sleep Walker finally stop sleepwalking the girl who's been in a coma all this time wakes up and it's a.

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