Amanda Lipid, Taylor, Cory discussed on About to Review - Episode 67 STEP, Kidnap, and The Dark Tower


Anyway happy did i do like a middle finger yeah nothing did a fallen gesture earlier like trademark that on involved old that's that's as good as the ratings is a for this podcast new leaf of they've made especially for this podcast fairly friendly uh there are three choices good bad or ugly a good film of something that you absolutely recommend to a friend it could be fantastic film something it needs to be seen a bad film of something that you do not regret singing its leader it might not be that thing that you tell everybody about and a bad film or an ugly film rather is just avoid it was just it was trash there is no reason for it to be around my official rating four step uh or step the movie some i think it looks like in some markets 100 percent absolute good go see this whenever you can the independence the strengh the unity and focus on community he that amanda lipid is able to convey in this documentary is phenomenal apec a unity exactly boom put that on ah toaster here all right so yeah the ghost goes he stepped i will put all of the links to that in the show notes as well as blessing taylor and cory and coach gerry who i interviewed i will put them also follow their social media they are going all over the place so and i think that i mean this.

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