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Up in the middle a little bit. Well yes this is an ongoing place in my life. I engaged with people through and my friend. Alison sinclair who. I met my first year of university. At the university of victoria in a calculus class was also a writer and we started our universes sort of cross pollinated and the place where her story her engagement with the oklahoma universe began. Historically in the universe was at the place where book for was right so she had already published independently of me in and when she was approached by edge. She said well. I don't have anything up my sleep right now. But there's this thing. I do with my friend so she was really my open door to edge and so we started with the book where her interest began and it was. It was difficult because in the beginning nobody can see. The iceberg has published a book. So where's the book and the publishing industry is very focused. Its we have thirty seconds to explain yourself here. You know So it was a difficult starting with book for because people coming to book for now understand what's going on much more short but it's always hard to make every book interesting on its own but still part of the greater whole talks conversation with linda williams will return just a moment lori buddy. I'm javier hernandez creator of the comic book l. marco now a bill and you're listening to buy and now that then after that you actually started going Kind of filling in the blanks. So i mean this is actually started in. Oh two is is so now you know here. We are eight and the next one is due in may of nine So pretty cool is it. has it evolved. What you thought of or i mean. Do you have a set outline as to where you're going or or how is it that you how what's your strategy in this universe. Well what. I'm portraying now in the publishing. That's coming out on Yokel universe is sort of the payload at thirty years of immersion. My so I do have a plan. There's always been a plan of sorts for the whole series the way it was never created on the basis that well we'll do the first book and if that fails we'll do the next one it was always the whole thing. The last books routes some are in the early books factor introduced in book two for example right just anger and And they returned to cause trouble in in in a holy war which is the second book so yes. There is a plan At the same time it's a big university so when other people do things with me Like ca stories friends allergies and things like that. There's lots of places where there are corners who haven't been filled in or entire vistas of Space and time. The main arc of the main series has always been something that i have known and worked on If volvo it changes Far arena the one. That's coming out in may stimulated to do that when i was watching the oj simpson business. Which for me was that. Turning point when. I recognize that the society with watching things and the heisenberg uncertainty principle. That watching itself was changing. So i thought at trial becoming not about a man killing his wife but about how society treats negroes and it all that attention warped the nature of what was going on and that interested me and so That was part of what Germinated far which is only now coming out so one of the threads in there and you've actually are working with his mentioned other authors I think i read that. Marley billow villa do is going to be working with you Or very excuse me. Yeah and maria is going to be Over the years there's been many different ways that people being engaged with the universe one way or another and marie has agreed to work on a title for to go carell legacy series which published by absolute express and that's a an imprint of haiti's publication. I mean publisher. And she's going to be doing interviews with people that have been involved in one way or another because it touches people who are just two writers who are librarians who in one way or another have engaged with it. And i think that that story is interesting as well because it's a story of community and creativity. I i heard something that there is an rpg and related to this university Well i had a online. I i wrote a story A story in article. Once that i put online about the red reach game and people keep saying that to me. They keep saying. Oh this could be a multi person player game or it could be just kinda game where it could be a board game and the trouble with that if twofold partly it's i i'm i'm a computer scientist by training. I know exactly how much it costs to develop something really new. And i'm not really interested in just whipping some chrome on and instead of having elves and dwarves have relish dentistry or something. 'cause i'd like a game that embodied the spirit of the let's not destroy the neighborhood while we're fighting over status Kind of scenario. So i wrote the scenario about the red reach game and how i felt that that some of the rules of the game could actually underpin the philosophy of oklahoma out but there have been many people expressed an interest and then realize how much work it is and go away so i think that will have to wait for a while. That's excellent That's quite a story so i mean how. Do you kind of combine. Everything i mean. You're you're you're you're you teach you. You're also. I mean you have a job obviously you you have your wife and mother and also a writer how do you kind of. How does everything schedule itself out. Or how do you do well. The writing happens. I i long ago. I realized that if i could stop writing i really should and i guess i couldn't hear i am and I love it. It's it's part of who i am and now i have family members that are supportive and involved with me and in helping keeping it going charging. My battery charging my rail batteries. They call that and some of their fans in my friends do that too. I'm not teaching anymore now. I've taught between college and university and one of the decisions i had to make. When brian said he wanted to book every six months to get the series finished Was you know what was i going to stop doing. So it was a big transition time in my life anyway. And so i thought thought about it and i decided no my that. I would rather have another book done. So i'm now working as an instructional designer for the nursing program at the university of northern bc managing distance education courses. So i'm using my computer. Background have two masters degrees both computer related. But i have made a little more space in my life by no longer teaching to To to get the novel done and and to spend that time. I spend about an hour a day in the morning doing all related to the oklahoma university. Now i was gonna ask you as far as appearances and things. Are you going to be doing anything will. Up appearing. i guess probably more likely towards.

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