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I think we'd all be fine it's fun with numbers without numbers but with jobs apple vp a product marketing greg jobs wik set last week with the australian that's a publication there is in fact more than one australian according to jobs enthusiasm of developers building apps without balls augmented reality kids known as a are kit has been unbelievable according to the exact they built everything from virtual tape measures to ballerinas mater of wood dancing on floors it's absolutely incredible what people are doing in so little time quoting the australian apple was not talking about any plan to build a are glasses or ahead said but would instead promoted to use on the iphone an ipad jobs said i think there is a gigantic runway that we have here with the iphone in the eye bad the fact that we have a billion of these devices out there is quite an opportunity for developers who knows the kinds of things coming down the road but whatever those things are were going to start at zero so said jaws while apple was not talking about any plan to build a are glasses or a headset fiber jeffries former apple watcher was the mic observers as loop ventures principle and former piper jaffray analyst g munster things apple will start shipping augmented reality glasses in 2020 and they will not be cheap he thinks he'll sulphur somewhere in the neighborhood at one thousand three hundred dollars quoting the report munster doesn't expect apple glasses to be a blockbuster hit out of the gate instead he's modeling about three million sales in 2020 sales will steadily increase over the following ten years.

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