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Supported was captain. Corelli's who laid six dollars into four dollars I here that big figure winning his maiden. When he was thirty five, obviously the width figures, their democracy wanted team in cherry tiny. What do you make of the rice because we're going to the next week to start on that kept corral move at the stages I will seek in. It's the latest. As we say in the figures, it was probably related more than anything and then Jamie cal. Got Away with in the next rice but. As far as the Dhabi goes on I, think the Dhabi renting the associate motivating scratched before I think I think might B right? You've got other horses like Alvarado who writes the week before and we spoke about that rice move really wired about that Rice I actually put it into the trash so. Young Virtue it's going to be third rice dot, which is just outrageous but bob deal and said, the times are changing. You know you've got horses like Tiger moth is going to be trying to win and companies. Across Canada one. No stop. The world's very different now on how trade is. Brian Sorta, the forefront especially in Australia. Discrepancy in the prostate with young VERITA WHO's to sixty? We'll just we'll just talk about this I think is very important. Till is twenty when he came out. So the marketing intake set against this horse before he came out the professionals, not saying not he can't win on Saturday and now all of a sudden you look at the Dhabi market and you've got charito tiny ahead of him. Yes. He won the rice and young voters go to the winner Denise stood start putting in terms of a market perspective. Odd still be having young veteran if he's at ran that dollar five, dollar fifty mile concerto tiny's four dollars and twenty one day on and it's the young and daddy brought him wasn't scheduling because he was wired about handling the wet track. Because, he didn't want get laid needs to Dobbin. Trust any art he he did it with Russian lucky early in his career lightly writing up to is Dhabi trips. In, the W went from six to eight, hundred, eighty to twenty, five, hundred, made and. Got The job done in really prissy fashion young would it does remind me? It'd be a Russian camel. In that, it is a progressive style and you just have to trust as good camps like. This, there's not many established gone better than he's yeah. It's GonNa be really interesting to see what the market does on Dhabi Vertu, but I just think. The market's GonNa Sleep I think that's my opinion but We should talk about Jerry till tiny wasn't good effort or the billy can fan the Rod pod the tracker as as we as evidence later in the day. He ran really well meaning valley three starts back behind Glenfiddich went to was a little bit ordinary on the good track. Do think he does need this thing at cherry tiny to show his best and he stay twenty, five, hundred that's the other quarry. There was nothing. On onset that suggested, he wouldn't. B- There's nothing. That is really jumping. Is that just on the wool state except for young word for more? Yeah I think over twenty, five hundred but I think he might get a little bit slower than younger. But again, my opinion where I seven, let's crack on Crystal Moyle and even tempo here point to second side standard time. Twenty, five, six, four, three, eight, three, home, not outstanding but heisman. We spoke about it on tried and even three warriors of two hundred and three days. You just don't worry about that with these camp he's won a fan of three hundred, three days. He rents second in a the year before our one hundred eighty dies. He's just a very good fresh horse and he when he was left align was probably held the result was going to be maybe you could talk about him a bit more but always looking for that market pushed. It never really kind of the money came for the horses. But when you look back through its form, it's Mooney valley I forms first class but tell me what you saw from him. 'cause you're now you locked him going into the. Was Click I. Don't. Usually. Go six, eight, hundred, Major. You're worry about two hundred days but these came has been doing forever. He did it with Mahogany. You know I I up in spite God knows boy a three year old octogonal I mean that came just do it so well now you Roy, you wanted to make a push and we spoke about sorta tried and it was really interesting all. Always Ninety kings will drain was the horse it was supported training into three dollars. Of Chivalry who also spoke on insider trading we thought was going to be. A bit of a worry white fried level market didn't think. So for twenty inches, right? Always taking the only horse wanted to the rice heisman. He'll probably go to the McKinnon and I think he's alive chains he'll be on speed we know he can be competitive from Rice's. It could in a hot. McKinnon but. For. I'm not sure if he's got that cordoning. That's fake or. The Moon, Valley Goal Cup they've gone pretty good tempo here. Point four of a second inside Standard Time Twenty, five, four to twelve, eighty, two, last four, hundred, two hundred to be going at the. End to come home the white idead. Tomorrow I and looking at the times times and putting it into stuff Benny Oregon. This rice is gone enormous. Miami Band the K factor I think as we spoke about maybe on straight ward was this off track for her she gets back to where performance like we should be with the white for obviously winning in oaks last year this time of year. For me she puts herself in a pitcher for the Melbourne Cup Yeah. It is pretty hot now. I mean it was a good win. I think Jamie Carl we've talked about her for waits and waits that are think on wet tracks in particular her balance in the hands are even more valuable on the wet track entity. They are on the draw tracking. She is wishy showed a visits Hillary and getting back in the field bringing into the rice of the RAW Tom. Odd for me. I think she's a Melbourne Cup winner but. It was a good effort on. Expensive ride expensive rice for connections. I gotta Let. Think the internationals would have Calvin Companies I. think she definitely needs this off track but I think she put herself into the picture a little bit in terms of the market track for fools no one. We knew this was going to go forward third up. He had a pretty good record I. Think he rented in an Australian Cup? He was Dan fifty five kilos which he hadn't been for a long time. He finishes tenth say on solid six dollars but that's just him. You know he runs that really consistent rice, but he can't get the win lightly oche next was a lot better at ten dollars track help to share ambition. Four, hours twenty finishes second. He's running well, we just can't win the rice. Level, will he go to the rice on WWF twenty five hundred made a rice. We'll have a crack at trying to get them to try and get into the Melbourne Cup maybe through that way it'd be coming out of these rights pretty confident that it's going to hold up. So. Yes I think he needs a dry attract to get joy trek which he must luckily get it Flemington he'll be very, very competitive in that's for sure let's get to the Cox plight this was at a fast tempo Survival the fetus really in the in. Beni one second. So I'd stained at towing twenty, six, one, four, thirty, two, White, last, four, hundred, last, two, hundred, they're all across the track they're. Worth the I twelve hundred meters was two seconds quicker. Than Rice Sikhs, which was obviously the vase. And Surprise Surprise International Windsor. I think a good guy through these rises this. Ralph. Room, said of drag it I. You know more internationals than they headed pretty good time writing had good wet track fullness book the Wet Track was the horse and. He's gone phone one, hundred, twenty one which was wasn't as good as an armory or an Abba, but he's wet track numbers were K. and identified by the market twelve dollars into seven dollars fifty especially in the last two minutes but I'm GonNa. Mention that a little bit lighter. Murray. s standing if it seven to nine dollars fifty, seven dollars fifty again Tom Farm writing one, hundred, twenty, four, draw attract. He would have won five..

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