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Benefit? Well, well, Who's asking for that? You know is our Let's Let's add that question to why the Jew guards falsified records that were supposed to be watching over Jeffrey Epstein. Every 30 minutes falsified records to say they were doing their job when in reality, they were taking a nap. They were shopping online, and they were looking at sports news websites. We'll get the answer to both those questions to why Why were they doing that? But nobody was asking for that is these are these bad viruses? They just aren't infecting humans quite effective enough. Need to enhance That ability makes super bad viruses. The takeaway from this New York Times piece from this veteran science reporter Nicholas Wade is that the lab League theory has a mountain of circumstantial evidence to support it. While the animal theory has Ciro. There's nothing there's there's no circumstantial evidence to support. It is just a that's what happens Sometimes it's just a likely way that it could have happened. But you know if you don't have any evidence to support it, and look whether I don't really I don't want to say I don't care because I do care. I care where this came from. But I care more about just knowing the truth. Right? There's no agenda here is I think I wanna wanna nail China against the wall on this or nothing. I just I don't want to know the truth because then possibly we could Prevent it from happening again. And I never understand. I mean, I do kind of understand why so many people are so adamant that don't even ask questions. Don't even look into it. You know, It's like that with the election. It's like that with the origins of this, like, what are you trying to hide? Why is it so important to you that I just accept this narrative that I just accept this story blindly without questioning? Well, this goes back. You asked it last week. We talked about this morning. So why did the entire corporate media dismissed? The lab league theory is some crazy conspiracy theory last year Well, because Trump and his supporters suggested it. That was it. It was it didn't it? Didn't It didn't matter. I mean, did the list is long and distinguished of the number of things that turned out to be legitimate that were criticized, vilified and demonized simply Because Trump brought it up or Trump supporters brought it up. We could we could spend the rest of the show coming up with an examples. I'll start well, everyone will have a vaccine. Everyone that wants the vaccine will have been available by April. Trump said that in what September it was September, he said that and it was mocked and laughed at and Aaron Rue par tweeted it a million times with the without evidence. Comma, Trump says, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you're right. Trump did indicate early on that there was some information some intelligence that indicated this might have come from a lab and I remember the headlines as plain as day. Without evidence tried defying the U. S Intel community, Trump suggests that Corona virus could have come from the lab. So in Sam's top five earlier, Fauci Came out and said That he could not dismiss. The idea came from a lab. The CDC ruling it out Deceive. You see director recently said that last made an interview with National Geographic. Though Fauci dismissed the theory that Cove it could have escaped. From a from a lab. That's what he said Back then it was more important to win an election. In America than it was to figure out where this virus was coming from. That was killing hundreds of thousands of people. If you miss the recent exchange between Fauci and Senator Rand Paul on the subject, it is worth watching the full it in full impartially Deceive. Fauci is breathtaking arrogance and gone dissension, but mostly to see how he refuses to answer or even engage. Ah, fairly straightforward question, Okay? So Fauci insist right that the NIH has never and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institution of Kerala. Gee, he repeats this mantra throughout his exchange, with Paul circling it back to it every time the senator presses on him on why the U. S government was funding a collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Rod of a Murali Ji. Crouchy If he were concerned, like the rest of us are about the oranges, The cove in 19. If he really wanted to find out whether or not it could have been the result of a game and function research and somehow escaped the lab in Wuhan, wouldn't he have gone to great lengths to answer Paul's questions? No. He didn't know it would make sense. He ignored it. Other prominent neurologist are willing to talk about this. Why isn't Fauci and you talked about it? Just a moment ago in the article ends on this. Their hatred of Trump and his supporters made it impossible for them to not To not not to politicize the pandemic to insist that Cove it couldn't have escaped from a lab because it would benefit Trump and validate his supporters. And now it will prevent them from telling the truth. When the truth eventually comes out, just watch and I don't even know that it would have benefited Trump. I mean, you know, just because you could write it, but I couldn't risk it. I know. I know it couldn't. They couldn't risk that There was a knee jerk. Every time something came out of Trump's mouth. There was a knee jerk reaction from most of the press to say that that's a lie. That's wrong. That's fault. Even when he was speaking truth, even you know, you could come out and say the sky's blue. And you, you know the U. S intelligence community disputes. Trump's claim that the sky is blue, you know they would come out on the new will come up with plenty of stories to discredit anything and everything, he said during a pandemic when we needed more than anything else we needed to have faith. In the messaging that was coming from people right? I mean how much damage has been done to our public health community right now, because of these mixed messages and these inconsistent messages and everything being politicized. Now we've had fun talking about the UFO and you AP deal in this congressional report, But there is something relevant because it's it's along the same lines. You've got individuals who used to be a part of these projects who are saying look, disclosure about the possibility of extraterrestrial life right? It's not something that we can just drop on the American public. It has to be something that that you know. People have to have a conversation and talk about it. It's not going toe couldn't be able to convince individuals just by looking at at at these videos and these radar footage, right, And that's why I think a lot of people believe this is a very slow sort of roll out to the American public of of what the air Force and what our military just don't know about these vehicles and all this. So what does it have to relate to this? Because we're dealing with exactly the same thing. Post Trump presidency right now. It seems like every single week we have another piece of evidence that the criticisms that trump that Trump took the brunt of the complaints of Trump and these things that were said we're just flat out lies pushing back simply because they had to win the election. Trump could do No right. And so what's happening now? We're getting a slow rollout of the truth. And this Wuhan lab situation is a perfect example of that. As you laid out he was criticized. He was vilified for it. How dare you? You call it the China virus, you racist blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And now we have this very slow. CDC says it's a possibility. Fauci Oh, it's a possibility. Now. We've all just accepted the fact that it did come from China..

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