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Los Angeles County is being called a symptom of a much larger problem in something that the county needs to move faster resolve we've got third world conditions, and something's gotta give LA county. Supervisor. Catherine Barker is calling on her colleagues and public health officials to come together in a coordinated effort to stop the spread of typhus now in LA Pasadena and Long Beach some including bargain attributed the outbreak to the worsening conditions of the homeless on the streets last week. I started my Monday watching someone defecate on that corner right in front in the morning. And then my Friday ended the same way bargain says with the spread of hepatitis last year. Now typhus it shows that much more needs to be done. She says yes, compassion is needed. But a big picture approach is also required to address the public health concerns in LA county and quality of life for all residents. The board will take up promotion next week. Vicky more KNX ten seventy NewsRadio in both the LA county. Public health department confirming the first Jeff this year from the West Nile virus there are not many details being released to just that the individual was a resident of the San Fernando Valley area and had been hospitalized early last month. The statement includes thoughts and prayers of the person's family and friends. It also notes there have been thirty eight confirmed West Nile cases in Los Angeles County this year, not including Long Beach and Pasadena, which are reported by their own local health departments those two thousand L A city workers taking to the streets to protest a lack of settled contracts. And they were pointing a finger at mayor Garcetti who in their minds says spending too much time out of town away from LA issues. Let's go live now to LA city hall. Check we can extend seventies. Pete demetrio..

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