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This is tough guys. This is really, I'm gonna take Alex goals. I'm gonna listen to my board, Alex Collins in Jordan. Howard. They're gonna get me through the night. I need OBE Odell Beckham junior to give me those big weeks, Alex Collins and Larry FitzGerald paired with Jordan Howard and Odell Beckham. I think you're off to a great start. I love Alex Collins on the fourth, even though you have to take them as the first fourth round pick. I think I have a healthy meal. I just I don't have the, you know, the one thing on the plate that makes me just I owed back about junior certainly is, but but I feel pretty good. I feel like I have a good healthy plate full of food there. All right. You're so after you picked Stefan digs went and the first quarterback goes off the board in fourth round, Aaron Rodgers Kenyan Drake to Marius Thomas and Josh Gordon off the board leading up to Mike, Mike. You said the Josh Gordon? Yeah, was draft. So you would have taken them here? I would have considered him here, but there's, there's actually, there's players I have ranked higher than Josh Gordon. I'm sad that. Mary's Thomas didn't make it to me. That would have been an easy, pick. Let me let me bring something up rows. Oh, hype, train. Put your shoes on, don't want it to run over. Are you buying any of the hype with Jarvis Landry tyrod Taylor, talk about, you know, Gordon's not reported to camp Jarvis Landry is the go-to receive, or you're telling me just described why you're telling me that the best wide receiver in camp has turned into the go-to guy. This is why bringing up. 'cause I seen it on Twitter already. Yeah, there I would not doubt the drivers Landers ADP rises due to the small amount of news that it bay. Basically, the news is this Jarvis Landry is Jarvis Landry. Right? But so I guess that's a no from, you know, that is that is a no from me. Is he where where are you headed right now? So I'm gonna. I'm gonna take another wide receiver. I'm going to follow my board and initially the name I thought I was going to go with was Marvin Jones here in the fourth round, but checked out the board where. The projections are already. They're all thought out. I don't have the emotion of ood. This guy's dropped to me and we've, we just talked about this in the office how the offseason has been very quiet for this guy. Is it Allah Robinson? It's Alan Robinson. I just put a Mark on my draft board next to him. We talked about last night like you've heard nothing about Allen Robbins. He's recovering from his ACL which was week one, so he should be good to go. He got a boatload of money. A couple yachts Teco play for the Chicago Bears, and no one is talking about Alan Robinson in the ceiling is so incredible. I will say pairing Cooper with Alan Robinson is a little risk risky. I haven't Tonio brand though lock in my wide receiver position down so that at least smooths those edges a little bit for me, Marvin Jones. It's the same type of player lower, lower catch total, but big plays getting me touchdown to touch. Down one touchstone for farming, so touchdown, please. Thank you for your thoughts down. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with Alan Robinson. All right. Reshad penny taking any temptation away from Jason there. Yeah. So here he's dropped by the way, his average opposition has dropped significantly as saints. The Chris Carson hype has has come about now. I talked about him a little bit yesterday in my opinion of Reshad Pinhas like I still think it's going to be pretty darn good, but I think it might be a little while I think you might be happier with penny from weeks. Seven, eight on on may lemme his going through..

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