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He was attacking me. Oldest? I think anytime you've got gotta cover thirteen innings and there's a game the next day. You're always worried about that. Then you know, we'll have to kind of put our heads together. And look at what we got. We've got some guys that we've we've used quite a bit. We were able to stay away from a couple of guys tonight. But. You know, we're we're we're. Little bit of a tough spot for sure. And I think I think that's just the nature of thirteen in a game. And and losing your starter in the second inning. Craig counsel, the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers before that Cody Bellinger with the walk off single in the thirteenth four the LA. Dodgers the call on the dodgers radio network. Two to one your final after thirteen innings of the National League championship series. We are tied at two games a piece. Hi, everybody. I'm new strikes. This is the newest Greg show on NBC sports radio. We're on affiliates all across the country. Thank you the program directors who carry the new scrunch show on satellite radio Sirius channel two oh five XM channel two old five. What a game. This is. This is what we we. We we expected. We'd see a lot of intense. Good baseball. The Milwaukee Brewers. Boy, they had to use a lot of pitchers yesterday. Savage guys. And the turnaround is going to be quick because they play again, and that games at Dodger Stadium producer Garrett your thoughts and hear there in LA, the the dodgers had to have this when they had to have got it done. Oh, clearly because I don't trust Clayton Kershaw at all in the playoffs. Still has to go today if he was down three to one going into this game day that would be a problem, especially with two games still in Milwaukee as well. So yeah, no I needed that one in the worst way, and they had all the chances in the world the blow it so it is Wade Miley going for the brewers Dodger Stadium against Clayton Kershaw in. This is a two oh five star. How is the crowd last night? What type of crowd? Do you expect today? I was not there last night. But from what I heard it. It was better last night than it was the game three. I honestly don't know what to. Today. It's an afternoon game. I don't know if it'll be that crazy. I know it's it's a Kershaw game. And hopefully, people can get out of work and and get down there for a two o'clock Pacific time game. I will be there this afternoon. So I'm looking forward to it. But I think it'll be kind of chill actually unless the dodgers get out to a lead early. All games unless you're in Chicago, which is used afternoon games. I don't know. Just stands to reason that it's going to be a little sparse some time. Yes. And it will take time for people to get their it'll take four thinning will be there in the fourth inning ready to go bail earliest they can get out of five o'clock traffic. Yeah. All right during the game. Manny machado. Was accused of a dirty play at first base. As hey sues. Aguilar was standing on first base. You could say he stood there that he had his foot on the bag a little too long and as Manny Machado runs by the bag. He drags his left foot and makes contact with. Hey Suzy who was not happy with it at all. Christian yelich called Manny Machado, a dirty player and said look it's a dirty play by dirty play. Exactly. That's what he said. And went on to say that. Hey, man. It's not the first time. We see many involved in something. So here is Manny Machado on Fox Sports one. After the game. We're family. You know, things happen every.

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