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I think it's a four to five run as well so much so that I had to do a double take when I saw that the UC rankings have at number four. I think that's been generous, but either way and he doesn't wanna fight any emblem. Yeah, win, win win. And he's he, I think yet the letters, DC, who knows but but good on him. You know, his job is to go out there and win, and so is a lick Alec Knicks and he did. I checked on that over under. I think it was Dan from Oregon. Somebody said, will there be more than fifteen thousand will be more than rush. Seven, Russian wins. There was twenty two thousand numbers here. Maybe the exact number I know. I know I voted for over on both of them. When you ask, did you think he pulled us all the new? I think so. Yeah. Twenty two thousand six hundred and three so good for you. Russia one thousand. Sorry. One million. Eight hundred and forty thousand was the gate, and I think I counted eight Russians and I had to go back and check and just to make sure fully from Kazakhstan or are you from the you know the Ukraine? I wanted to make sure they were rushing and also wanted to make sure that was a no Russian versus Russian where that's the easy way out. But no, they definitely pass that avid stupid question. What's a as. Because I was that real or what's not rice, Becca, STAN stands real. I may have combo whose whose Becca, STAN and Kazakhstan and just made a country up. We should just make fires from there when we don't know, what did I say? You said could ca- Vecchio STAN. That should be a place ca- filter fish would I can filter Fitch. All right. I thought that was a good for a in. The Russia wasn't a pay per view card or anything. And and I think technically was the fourth biggest. I think it was their fourth biggest audience ever in that would be behind Melbourne. Toronto. And I guess I think it's another Canadian Carter, oh, and Sao Paulo number. They assign Cudi Tiba. They had forty thousand there at that stadium when steeply knocked up. Yeah. So this twenty two thousand I think, exceeds the twenty one thousand or so. They used to show up over there at Montreal, the belt that bell center, whatever has a big audience. But anyway, just around out here. Shamila Abdurakhimov defeated, Andrea Lobski by decision Alexi congenital defeated the Alvis by decision. That was your main card. We'll go back to the prelims a little bit. We'll also talk about Yuliana versus the Russian. Journalist will talk about her dean and the controversial stops said he had some bonus talk and all that, but I am chomping at the bit Cannella in triple g. Great fight. Yeah, really, really good fight. Very close. Twelve round ever been harder to score. Was it me or was almost every round pretty close? Yeah, yeah. And there were only a few that I think he could firmly say it was that guy's round, but even then like even the commentary team and then the guys on the outside, they had different scores. Right? You're on social media. Other people were were scoring at really different. It was really a nightmare to score. I scored it for triple g I could've stomached a draw and if I had to give it to canola, it would be very, very slight. And I would even feel weird about doing that. But those people that are saying Cannella won the fight convincingly. I I have to disagree. So would I I think one fifteen thirteen which represents seventy five Cannella triple g or just the draw is pretty accurate. Once you get into eight to four, I would start to say, well, why don't you? And I sit down and see, let's see what we're both looking at. But but then again, I just said that every round was close. I mean they were close by think he could still pick out a winner mills, man. I don't want anyone to say that's boxing because it's not boxing, that's just too great fighters going out there doing their thing and making it tough for the judges, but the judges do have the best view in the house. You can't take that away from him..

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