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Hundred percent tariff on all wines imported from the E. U. decision that many say would be devastating to the wine industry the ripple effect goes from the importer to the restaurants and shops and eventually straight to the American consumer with the price of these imported wines literally doubling it goes into effect if he's had a percent tariffs go into effect I think a number of businesses are going to close this year for the long term I just can't even imagine the long term I can't imagine that this is going to go into place and be in place long term because it's just absurd let's Kristin tally Cologne of the California based terra firma wine company some importers of already postponed orders fearing what will happen if the terror of his imposed well the shipment is in transit nobody knows exactly when the trump administration will make a decision on the threatened one hundred percent tariffs which would also hit certain food and clothing Chris Sweden's scan extend seventy newsradio it started out as road rage and then nine has landed a man of a hospital unconscious for five days and counting he was involved in a fight with three men on new year's day after they pull over the cars following some aggressive behavior behind the wheel they are there were only two vehicles involved one with a solo driver another with three men inside the physical altercation was quick the solo driver was punched in the head by the other driver and fell to the ground unconscious he is not will good upsets the three other guys got back into the black jeep with tinted windows in California paper plates and took off they were last seen driving south out of wood met Avenue from victory Boulevard democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is in Los Angeles today to open a new campaign office and he's talking president trump in our on Bloomberg had virtually nothing to say about his fellow democratic presidential candidates instead going straight after president trump I think the president's handling of this crisis is just another affirmation of how dangerous another four years with him in the White House would be Bloomberg also explained why he jumped in the race this is really a crusade for change and to return our country to civility and honesty and inclusion compassion and and human decency the latest hill Harris expulsions Bloomberg's numbers are climbing he's now tied for third with Elizabeth Warren behind Bernie Sanders and front runner Joe Biden in downtown LA Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio your money at seven fifty years down the taxes Johnson and Johnson has settled the lawsuit in California alleging as best this tainted talcum powder Alameda county judge Stephen cal's made the announcement to the jury in the middle of the trial saying he had no idea what the settlement terms are it's unusual for Jane J. to settle a case mid trial one portfolio manager tells Bloomberg markets are in a wait and see mode as to how much if at all things escalated with Iran and does it ultimately impact the global economic outlook right now it seems Wall Street thanks not so much could it change sure but for today the Dow gained the sixty eight points about a quarter of a percent to twenty eight thousand seven hundred three the S. and P. was up eleven points about a third of a percent at thirty two forty six and the nasdaq gained fifty points more than one half of one percent and ninety seventy one for the year to date markets are up we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg's John Metaxas from the H. M. S. capital money desk can extend seventy newsradio the writers guild lists its nominees for its upcoming awards that story in two minutes one strike KNX reporters are on the scene slim with ashes the numbers indicated to bringing you the story of fire tornado just took those trees took the brush took everything down to the minute information you need to stay say it was about as intense as it gets as the situation changes one seventy feet over my history with king.

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