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Ida. That's health and science data reporter Jacqueline Jeffrey Wolinski. Thanks so much, Jacqueline. Thank you. It's time for our documentary of the week with Tom Powers and Raphael and the housing there, the co founders of the dock in My C festival and the pure nonfiction podcast. Tom has this week's pick. The book Breakfast at Tiffany's about not opportunistic ingenue made its author Truman Capote Household name He became a fixture on TV talk shows known for his cutting whip Here he is explaining to Johnny Carson. Why lack of intelligence makes a great actor. For instance, Marlon Brando. Is an absolutely marvelous actor, but he's so dumb. It makes you skin crawl. And the documentary The Capote Tapes. Filmmaker IBS Bernau examines Capote through the words of his friends and admirers. The Irish novelist Colum Soybean, describes Capote's monumental book of reporting in cold blood, where he profiled the killer on Death Row. It's possible to say that he went into the story with his own cold blood. He was using his charm to get close to all these people. But he was also emotionally involved. Be very, very careful how we read this story he was needed to the film dwells heavily on Capote's unfinished final book called Answered Prayers. The book threatened to embarrass New York society figures who thought they were his friends. Capote's longtime assistant, Kate Harrington, discusses the mystery of whether he ever finished it. I don't know what happened to the manuscript, but I do believe that he had one He would tell me. That it was just wonderful and wicked and people were going to be so surprised..

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