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Hey i'm jason bowman and i am here with steve pyke and good friend. Ray hudson steve we are here on the exponential site and you actually are at a big exponential event Right now down in austin. They've stuck you in a storage closet for the this call but Then glad to have you. Here i am. I am personally you super excited for today's call because we're talking about reimagining discipleship and it's one of my favorite chapters in your book. Nextwave shameless plug a chapter to shift to that. We have to reimagine discipleship. Can you just give us as real quick quick overview of that chapter. What do you mean when you say reimagine disciple show. Thanks jason. It is so good to be here and be part of this. And yeah. I'm i'm here in austin texas. Set a really exciting event and i want to say that. Oh my goodness this This event has only reinforced. What we're going to be talking about today. There's there's like this. Huge watershed moment for the church. Where discipleship is getting back in the place. It probably should have. But let's let me talk really quick. About what the shift is about. So i'm going to share my screen here That just shows you some diagrams that are actually in the book nextwave That will just talk to really quick. Yeah there you go. Yeah and so. This is the first. This is the first diagram that that helps to illustrate the current below or the twentieth century view view of disciple making our discipleship. Basically people have always seen as. Okay you start making disciples once. Somebody's been say. Then you get into a discipleship program and you have things like one. Oh one to a one. Three one this the 'lustration of that and we're very intentional about that. We say you know. People need to learn what christians believe and people need to learn what their gifts are and people need to be empowered for ministry. And that's all true. And that is this. This is definitely part of the process of making disciples but one of the challenges that creates if. You're starting a brand new church and a in a community and you say okay we gotta make disciples..

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