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The age of 22. That's true. I discovered John Moran, by the way. What? You didn't tell that story. I didn't discover him, but I was the first one who cares. No one cares. When he was actually like, he was awesome as a freshman and no one knew about him. I was the first one to kind of give him pop, that's all. And he was not known as jaw at that point. His stats page was Demetrius morant. It was not John Moran. So. Got rid of Demetrius. Now he's just jaw. That's right. Well, I'll pass that along. I'm not sure if John knows that you discovered him, but I'll pass it along. You don't need to do that. I'm sure he'll send his appreciation. Are we done? We're done. Get out of here dude. Just a dab of doubty. Shout out to chesty South Carolina Shelton Steve a thorough legend just to learn now. Thank you guys once again for listening. I am college basketball podcast, middle of the dumbest pandemic of my lifetime. Most recent PCR to dead leg, negative, negative. A remainder Visa for the time being. We'll see if I can keep it up. You're not subscribed. Please go subscribe anywhere. You subscribe to podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify. You can leave 5 stars at both places. Nice review would be nice. We'd appreciate it. Remember, there's more of us than there are of them. That needs to be reflected in the Apple podcast reviews. People can get offended, they want to. Truth is there's more of us than there are there. Don't back down. Smash the like button. Do it with a nice rhythm. Brandon Davies would. We're gonna talk to you again on Sunday at some point. We'll let you know with till then take care..

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