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Information and conditions. Equal housing under license in all 50 states and MLS consumer access to our number 33 5 53 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic all the threes. Looks like some lingering problems on the turnpike. David Yeah, we have some really stubborn backups. The mass. Pike is indeed one of them. Also 4 95 in the Merrimack Valley, another one. This has been made worse by a crash after route 93 locked up from route 1 33 getting past that and then loaded up through Lawrence and Methuen heading into April. 95 northbound hangs up about two miles to the Hampton tolls and then spotty delays from Portsmouth, New York That's actually getting better not really better on the mass pike Heavy and slow, westbound from route 1 22 past 2 90 a half hour to sit in that and 4 95 South is slow getting the route to 90. Now we go south of the city, and we check on the escape to the Cape with Kristen and the WBZ NewsRadio Road report stuff that just got a little more fun. We've picked up word of a crash. 4 95 south after Route 24 Bridgewater before the Middleborough Lane drop. It was already tough in that area. It's still backed up getting over the born bridge from route 25 eastbound, so that's going to be a little while longer before that clear is that what's going to be a lot longer? It's very south. We've got delays now from 1 £39 broke all the way down into plummet down past long are down to long Pond road before it clears out. It looks like it's wanting to back up again at the Sagamore break. It doesn't end Christine at the WBZ NewsRadio Road report a little something to look out for heading out of the city on 93 North, a disabled vehicle and the breakdown lane by Assembly Square. David Stuff Alino WBZ traffic on the three that we get a check of the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with Dave Samuel. Cloudy, damp, dreary as we head into your evening, a bit breezy as well, Just adding to the coolness temperatures. Slowly.

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