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I have some bad news. I've just been notified. The email from apple subjects lined your apple news channel. No it hasn't been updated in this. Is Marco Dot Org? We noticed that you have not published Marcus at Org channel in three months or more your channel be removed in one week period. Oh well good. Cre- regards the Apple News team. Oh well. It doesn't say that if I publish now it'll get me out of this. It just says you're moving a week period like there's no if you don't publish got the same notice but the but they're notice said if you call there's something in a reactivated maybe I'm wrong. I think that was Dana Jacket. But I don't know anyway. It's the market in channel. I don't care I like I. I don't know how many first of all I published. My channel just doesn't RSS Feeds submitted to them and my regular ours is feed. I don't have any special apple news tags. So I I think they were deprecating s base channels anyway aren't they deprecating them or something anyway kept up that. I tried to do the same thing and something must be wrong about my rss feed because they always refused it for reasons. I never quite understood and I didn't care enough to fix it and nobody has ever ever ever asked me about it now. To be fair I probably have one tenth of your readership but nevertheless I can't remember a time that anyone was came in. Can you put that National News? I honestly would be surprised if my readership could be divided evenly into tents like I might have eight people reading it in Apple News. I think it's going to be a very small number. Never liked that apple news APP when I never tried to get. My annually updated blog into it for multiple reasons. Well DARN GONNA lose all those eight page. I don't even measure pages anymore. How did they even show up? Like how would you tell someone can travel news? Have Their user agent. I assume there. There's probably at least like a crawler user agent and I would assume that every time they view the page. Maybe if we're going to report after sign up for like I because I don't think it's actually making a web request to you weeks time right. You have to go to the Special Apple Webpage with no API and you have to look at. You have look at a graph where they round things. Yeah right I have to go to like apple web connect or something and and look at only opt in stats for people who viewed my content. And Yeah I don't even I don't even look like I don't have logs enabled. I don't even have google analytics enabled anymore haven't for years. I had like when I publish something on my site. I have absolutely no idea how many pages gets and it's incredibly liberating like. I highly recommend anybody out there who like has stuff online remove the counters. You will be shocked how great it feels or just have no make you. Don't worry about speaking of apples like websites where you supposedly can go to see some kind of number. You would think that the one web system they would have that would be accurate thorough fairly. Well vetted would be stuff related to the APP store because that's real money If you don't have a free APP it's real money traveling back and forth and real money. Usually people are accounting for the real money but boy they you know they not make it easy to figure out what's going. I mean maybe this is just not understanding money. Granted I'm not. I'm not an accountant. I don't understand. The world of finance is very confusing. But I have to APPs the the second most simple thing I can imagine doing during any a given pay period. I'M NOT GONNA say month because I know finances too complicated for pedestrian concepts like months any given pay period. How much money did I make off of one of my aps? But there's no tell that I mean they have a report that supposedly gives you an answer but the answer is wrong and I know that because for one pay period I only had one month one APP and so I could say now. Run the report and tell me. How much did that one APP make during that period and it's different than the amount they paid me? This is their system. I'm never going to know how this works. It's close it's like within two percent like maybe refunds or something. You're kidding so I run the reports and I download them and I keep them. But it's just like I don't understand why these numbers not match up in the end. The money they give me the money they give me and I trust the dust the money. They're supposed to be giving me but you know. Try running those reports doesn't make any sense. Yeah it's so two things number one I recommend using figures is a paid service is not an ad but yeah I have found is the best way to kind of make sense of apples weirdo reporting and provide useful graphs and everything. I've been using them for a long time. But the F. is also does not match the amount actually received from apple against US sales they also have the payments area. The payments usually car able to derive what it actually means right but I I get one. I don't do what you do which I should've which is like one apple. Id APP right. So I have my two APPS under one appleaday so they pay me some amount and some of that is attributable to last and some of it's attributable different center. How much free chap I mean again. You can run the report like pass filter by parent. Apps that it's in their software and then they give you a graph that's rounded and then you can download accelerator has exact number five hundred decimal places but it's off. It's so hard to just try to solve them. Figure IT OUT. Sometimes it's a few cents or whatever just annoys me. Yeah that's why like back forever. When I had that stupid idea to have some kind of like pay overcast dollars a month and then all split it up between the podcast you listen to and distribute it to them like. I was thinking about doing that kind of scheme before. Podcasters told me they don't want that a surprise nobody wants to be getting in the way of them and their money. I should know that before because I'm the same way but I for some reason I didn't think about that anyway. So one of the problems with that plan is assuming had to take at purchase because otherwise apple would never allow it not only thirty percent But also I would have no good way to to account for like how much money that I actually receive from user. Id One two three four this month. 'cause you get that lump sum payment and you can't actually know like you can't you? There's no way to correlate a user. Id to an amount of money you definitely received because there's so many different exceptions and there's things like refunds cancellations there's foreign currency exchange messes everything up the exchange. The exchange stuff is like all those things that are often could entirely different exchange rates because the reporting that what you got paid what the exchange rate was at the moment of the Blah Blah Blah. Theory the big finance agreement but then the reporting could be different. It's very confusing. Yeah and like the whole reason. Why early the whole the whole basis of a system like that would be like? I need to know when you know for your seven dollars. You know how to split it up between the PODCAST. You listen to the whole this actually plays into the whole world of big services like youtube premium or read. Whatever it's called this month Or spotify or apple music anything where like the customers pay a flat rate and that gets distributed based on whatever they listen to like to artists or whatever the way those work is incredibly scam prone because they can't do it either they also don't track. Your five dollars does not get split between the five artists. You listen to this month. Everyone's five dollars a month goes into a giant pool and they just track number of listens so it doesn't matter if you listen to five artists this month and bought somewhere in Russia to one hundred thousand artists this month. Your money's pulled together first and then it's divided up by views so you might think that you are helping like the three bands you listen to a lot. You only listener three and spotify this month or whatever but no. You're not helping them at all like you'd be a lot more if you left everything streaming all day twenty four seven like and there's this whole ecosystem of scams and click farms and all this other crap like increase view counts and time spent listening stuff like that to skim off more of the pool than what they actually have earned. It's a whole thing and of course I didn't want to deal with any of that and my stupid plan wouldn't have wouldn't have really worked that way anyway but the reason why no one does that is because it's too hard to track how much money you actually got from each individual person each month and in the end you're trusting the same company to do accounting on itself right. It's all sort of like an honor system right so I mean they have no particular reason until they start getting pay off the record. Companies to use them lingo from the seventies or whatever but like apple doesn't have any particular reason to lie to you about how much money you're making right but it's also just well you know like that's my like my instinctual. I A feeling when the APP store was announced that people are going to stop receiving checks from customers and start. Receiving checks signed by Apple. It seems like it's the same thing but it's not. It's way that used to though it used to be for the first two or three years of the APP store you would get paid in wire transfers from I think seven or so different places around the world from various apple subsidiaries for different regions. So every month you would get seven wire. Transfers six of which were foreign wire transfers so depending on your bank account you might be paying like hundreds of dollars a month and wire fees and then you have to resolve all right. Y- like seven different deposits and it was crazy setup and unfortunately a couple of years and they fixed it to just have one direct deposit and that I got to. I got to this last pay period. I got to apple. Deposits L. Really I don't understand the other APP actually. Yeah it's one per apple. Id because you you'll have the one. I'm selling both roosting. I I have have received payments months when both were for sale and I got one payment Right this time. I got to payments which signed like they want to send me three payments for payments money. Just mysterious I just noticed them as separate line items in my bank account. I'm like That's funny where they send the. It's the right amount. If you add them together you know there it is. That's all weird. I'm still angry about the fact that I couldn't change my company named I complain about that. On the show at some point now was so angry about it when it happened but by the time we recorded. I chilled out and realize it doesn't actually matter but boy in the moment I was angry I actually sent the closest ever gotten to send during an angry email was replied to some helpful. Person was trying to tell me what I wanted to do. Was NOT POSSIBLE THOUGH. Those like this is dumb so angry. I got an email literally for. This is dumb spitting fire there. John Thumbs down. I just like I was angry but but I didn't WANNA say something. That was angry but like what can I say? That's not based on emotion but his true. I'm like you know what this is. Actually it is truthful statement. I'm talking about is since I had just freshly signed up for you know my developer coundon all that stuff remember it at some point during the process. The something you guys might not remember this because know that you signed up Margaret. This didn't even exist. It was like Oh and by the way as you're clicking through these things type and stuff in boxes if you'd like your practice show up on the store like with a different name that's visible to customers. Type that name here and at the time I signed up I was doing just me like my name right and so now I don't want that right. Just Johnson Accuses. Find Chopin the developer in the store and I did that for a while and eventually amend myself company and switch it over to that and that took like a month and a half to get through all that red tape. And I'm like and then I went to the APP store and I realized that my name was no longer visible..

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