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Radio six ten WTVN Alison Wyant Bill that would legalize sports betting in Ohio. Got its first hearing in Columbus today. The Bill would permit wagering at the states casinos and racy knows house Bill one ninety four would also allow bets to be placed at local vets halls and fraternal organizations, hundreds of workers will be trading. Four wheels for to for their commute to work tomorrow as it's national bike to work day on Friday, Andres are set to get on their bikes to get to work on writing along several pre planned routes electric scooters bikes will also be crisscrossing the streets of Columbus. They summer as companies jump in spin are now allowed to bring their fifteen hundred products to town, that means you may say some more congestion as people try to get around downtown utility companies or issuing a warning about those Mylar balloons used for graduation. And other summer parties as they could be dangerous wants released the metallic balloons, could float away into power lines causing power outages, and even starting small fires. They're asking you. To make sure they stay secured while outside and zoom busy bay opens this month. The twenty two acre water park will hold a sneak peek opening weekend this weekend. Their regular season will begin on may twenty third. WTVN score made history. Today at Bethpage Black, his sixty three under a new course, record KEPCO, seven under and in the lead heading into Friday's second round of the PGA championship. Tiger Woods with a rough Thursday at two over tiger telling PJ dot com. Things didn't go very well for him poi, I got off to not, not the best start today. You know, make a double first hole and fought my way back around there. And unfortunately a lot of couples slip away at the end with some bad pots. And you know this pilot come down a little bit better today. Woods and Francesco Millonarios will start their second round tomorrow at one forty nine in baseball earlier today, the Columbus clippers lost to the PawSox five to three in Pawtucket. Sox scored four runs in the bottom of the eighth inning. Clippers are off to Syracuse for a weekend series with the Mets Friday night at six thirty five in NFL news Cincinnati Bengals Inc. First round pick Joan Williams to a rookie contract. The six five three hundred and two pound Williams was taken with the eleventh overall pick in APRIL's draft, the cardinals will be without safety. Patrick peterson. For the first six games Peterson was suspended today for violation of the league's performance enhancing drug policy. From the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric research is radio six ten. WTVN Allison Wyatt, your ABC six I warning weather forecast in sixty seconds, eighty six burglars were asked how they broke into home. So they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion, so you'll get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there..

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