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This Florence is forecast dump up to forty inches of rain in some areas. Life threatening storm surges of up to thirteen feet Rosa forecast areas along with the possibility of tornadoes in North Carolina. Now, some of you are, you know, we're proud of up to eighty six feet. There were eighty six foot waves see, but storm surges of thirteen feet can just flood coastal areas physicist and the storm's path have been boarded up thousands of people moved to emergency shelters by Thursday officials urge anyone to remain near the coast to flee. We're talking about. One hundred ten mile per hour winds now the storm is moving. I believe about twelve miles an hour. So it can sluggishly hover. This is some serious stuff. And they say that the storm is the size of Michigan. Plus. So these are obviously bigger than a lot of these states are ready for and not just the coastal areas. You got inland areas that are not going to be used to these rains, and then the flooding and the flash flooding and the mudslides, so. A private weather forecasting firm has estimated that hurricane Florence can cause fifty billion to sixty billion economic damages. I know our economy has been looking pretty good. But this is not something that we want. I'm keeping an eye on hurricane Isaac hurricane Isaac looks like it's starting to head towards the Dominican Republic. Maybe later, Cuba,.

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