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Day. No Papa John's. Why bit we like Papa John. He's racist okay. But they got check. Gosh Agnew. He's trying mad. Shack is on every advertisement. The General One day was the general and their Papa John's icy hat, and like man I ain't buying no Moshe itch check. It's like when you when your company's in trouble. You're being Jonah Combat I. Don't think I ever Papa John Not because. Papa John Nonprofit John's sheet. A piece of what is good piece of the family okay. I like Papa John. Piece was one of my favorite. The the. Deals yes, the owner is what turned me off their. He got well, he's he was such at how back in the day when he first started I really was rooting for gas mileage. Businessman came out of nowhere with a piece ideal you know. When he jumped on him, bob better better ingredients. He had to change his slogan. One time I thought that was unfair. I always cheer for the Public Don Guy and he just got so be where I guess it was more about the. Always more about the money. When you get rich, I guess where he act like he didn't give a fuck about people. She he was saying yeah, and he didn't like saying he's board meeting. He will use the N. word, and and that's why I left. It's not because he said the and word is because that board didn't do anything about it like that's why stop it was like. He can be as racist as he wanted, but y'all to check him, and nobody did anything. It took a while to check him, and I was like Y'all plea if you just get rid of him and after they get rid of him. After they got rid of him a little bit any says. This no Papa John's for me and I learned have had papa John in two years. I used points. I'm Kinda Mad. And piece is shit. I mean I prefer domino, but they take too long and never get your order. Right I work for Dinardo's and I love them. Hardly Pizza Yeah. We probably go fuck this shit up so if if we do. We'll fix it. We probably we'll make. Whole slogan. All paved the road if we. Like we fuck up your pizza. We got pizza insurance because we probably GONNA fuck you. Commercial Senate. We're going to bring it back to the house. Just like you ask for the first time. I? Think Greg's like day of Domino's. Why is it so hard to get it right? The first one atop so we eat dominoes. That's what we eat a lot of the I mean you know whenever I order out, but. They say they say it's shitty piece, but I like it. Yeah like Papa John's is always the best of the low tier pizza joins. You know like I love D'Amato's, but I also worked there for three years. When you work at a food place. Oh, it's like. Not a garbage can. Place you took me Markle's Monica and Garin annoy Indian place over there in Avon is really fucking. Let me excellent I remember the day I. Quit Monaco's I was a dishwasher. They're just extra job. And they cheated me like such shit, and they treated their dishwashers like they were fucking sly. They would just come back there and so conditions, and they're doling shit. It's because it's the middle of the rush like that place will be chomping literally. Just fucking wall to wall people. They're coming back here. Throwing dishes and this splashing in my face. They don't even say sorry, and I'm like. These fuckers have no respect for me I've I literally like? UNPLUGGED MY CD player. That's how long ago it was. Plug my people. I'm getting the fuck out of here. The owner didn't even know my name. She saw me every fucking day so when you quit. Did they know you was gong? Dishes getting. I didn't go. I didn't go fuck what they thought. If you. Splash me dirty dishwasher Nata not apologize and fuck that I was I was literally making minimum wage to like was the only reason I was there to have spending money, so I didn't need the job, and they treat me like Shit. I'm like fuck this I'm Outta here. I ordered Domino's the other day, and it had the pizza tracker thing and it showed you like we're the driver. I delivered pizzas for Denardo, and that was the best like if all the jobs I've had. That was like the most fun, because there's no responsibility. Drive around in your car. Listen to music doing whatever you could stop and you know you'd have the D'Amato's thing on. You'd pull in the McDonald's parking lot. Like now they're tracking you every step of the way like you. You can't get away shit anymore. In the in the digital age. It's bullshit. So. That you may get to i. made good money because everybody else wanted to get stoned and go home early, and I was a hard worker and so like. Oh Yeah I'll take that run. I'll take that run so like I. Did you can make good money doing pizza delivery if you're if you're a hustler? Yeah I remember my dad was A. I had seen this like six years ordered a pizza and this. was like yeah I'm not paying for this one. Leg. showed up. Would you open the door one? Did you say was like this pizzas free? That's what I said. I'm not paying for this. Wow was like where the fuck have you been? Not. Not opted pizza delivery man comes in. It has a slice with you. Yeah. I haven't seen him in like six years old, were you? Twenties okay. What did he say? He's like? Hey, son I was like. Up Dan, where the fuck have you been? Let's let's sit down and talk we. We talked. SLICE PIZZA! I wonder if he saw your name on the ticket as I probably should take that one. I never even thought about that, yeah! I don't think he knew I think because I'm pretty sure my roommate about it on his car I don't. I just remember being like. Just blown away. It was like. I will never expected. My Dad had just short but pizza. Pizza and a catch. She WanNa go back. You can't find your baby. Daddy maybe should be ordering. Baby Daddy Pizza. Somebody's coming over. No Open over that's. Notifying. Putting a Yankee defined. New Job. As, a little black Mahmoud! Do Hey pay for day you. Work in bitch how. I knew one guy who was. To? Pay Child support. It was actually Mike is Father to What always could a job time? You put him on child support. Until he got real older and he you know he can Hatton almo. He will literally quid fucking job because he didn't want to.

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