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Or Stanford located VC's. I I don't know what other other VC's entrepreneurs look like I'm very data is not broadly shared to say, the least. And but I'm very proud that. We we've got quite a few entrepreneurs of color women entrepreneurs in in our portfolio, and and they've performed thus far. Really what we one of our exits was by an African American female entrepreneur who had this business part pick that will soul to Amazon and hark pick heart pick. It's it's it's like Shas AM for visual search so picture of something, and it will run its algorithm and say, this is most likely screw, and you can you know, and Amazon acquired the business a couple years ago, and you know, and she'll when I use the Amazon app and say I want to see this. You could take a photo of something. There are parts of the Amazon app. I don't exactly how how it's been filtered into the Amazon application, but that basic Consalvi rhythm. But yeah, that basic concept is part of that part of that part of the Amazon. DNA now in an I'm just very proud of that. I'm very proud that we, you know, we we look at a broader we have a broader aperture for for who is an entrepreneur. And and what types of investments we're willing to make tell us what else you really excited about these days on my teeth a little bit earlier, but I'm really excited about thinking about the future of retail. You know, we every ecommerce is eating the world yet. Eighty five percent of the things that we by or still things that you buy sort of in-person, and we were investors, and like I mentioned this company FOX trot, which is redoing the convenience store were also investors in a company called neighbourhood goods. It's a Dallas based company that's looking to sort of reinvigorate, the department store model you walk into a department store today, you see more employees than you do customers walking around..

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