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Known as Mr tiger passed away at his home in Michigan played twenty two seasons in the major leagues all of them with Detroit won an American League batting championship at age twenty fifteen time all star ten time gold glove outfielder he died at the age of eighty five NBA commissioner Adam silver says that in a perfect scenario the NBA would somehow be able to complete the regular season and then move it to the playoffs but he said no decisions can be made until next month at the earliest silver told Turner sports there's just too little information to make projections of any kind Major League Baseball as players association are considering having all thirty teams play games in the Phoenix area it it be full parts one of many ideas on the table as they try to find some way to begin the season NFL draft remains scheduled to begin April twenty third it will be a virtual draft team personnel all work from home they will all be separately located NFL's all decade team announced a month think Tom Brady was one of a unanimous selection as the others were Adrian Peterson JJ watt von Miller Donald Joe Thomas marshal Yanda the only player from a local team to make the all decade team was the former jets Terrell Reavis British open was canceled on Monday however if things go as hope for the **** will be played close to thanksgiving reschedule for November the PGA championship would begin in August at the U. S..

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