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Unique and understandable. I think on both sides and the C B A indicates that the team does have more say these days. With the changes in the T V A. Over time. They have a little more say on these matters, or maybe a lot for his day on these matters. I think this is a really unique and difficult impact, and I'll be curious to see how that part of it is resolved, but there's been a lot of water. The bridge between Jack Eichel on the buffalo sabers. I want to tell you guys, I go all the way back to the very, very start when? At the draft lottery, Tim Murray, who was then the GM of the sabers upon the results, becoming official and the sabers getting a second pick seem to, uh, just be upset about the process. Instead of welcoming the fact that likely we're going to end up with Jack Eichel. And I think if I was cycle at that time, I would have been like this wasn't the response I was expecting so right from the start being like No, they've been from challenges in that relationship. Do I think that the buffalo sabers really have interest in going through more of it? I don't. But Adams has to put on his poker face and it's his job is general manager to squeeze everything he possibly can out of the team with the most trade interest and to repeat myself. I think there will be ample trade interest once they get some conclusion as to what the direction.

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