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Being an owner some of the most iconic names in the sport like hail Yarborough hurt his Turner age eight point David Pearson. Drove for Glen would also known as the wood brothers. And they created some of the most iconic moments in NASCAR Richard petty goes back at brought about span there in the wall. Pettiest slotting slamming into the wall. He's coming down toward the finish line Willie make it he still moving the car stops three hundred four hundred fate shy of the finish line. Here soon is still running. Here's petty crime to fire to come across the line, David Pearson. Blooming grove has that come to the stripe, though, when is car number twenty one that a mazing finish retro nutty card. Demolished the front end as well as car number twenty one on believable finish a terrible crash. Both cars in the wall. Both drivers kept on going David Pearson. Drove the number twenty one for eight years amongst other big names making it legend. And a great park. You can hear them cheering him. Now. I moan found this front straightaway. He'll be coming by picking up the lead brothers. They have been there before but not Musavian five hundred. And now another firm something that David Pierce has talked about at wanted for many, many, many many many years, and he has won the crowd responding. Now the topped out on pit road. Being congratulated by curve. I thought a side by side yard parts of slow y'all high Earnhardt Donald bought it. They come on the turn on her like it out all the stops. As bought a moves out in front, but earnhardt's wedged out of traffic. Doggerel gets by Earnhardt in the next to the chucker live with bottom leading candidate. Do it. Neil bought comes the line one colleague ahead. He will win the Talladega by hundred Ghabra will finish overstates. One of the Whitworth is crew. Lynnwood Clinton grudge relations a fine team effort. Thank you nailed it. Right. Jason Lennon laws on the at nine job. And I know about with down. But when you we had a winning combination. And when we got stay together on running good bit. You'll come back. The what brothers are also credited with modernizing the pitstop turning it into the fast paced choreographed process. We see today now their process cut pitstops in half and created a benchmark that all other teams would follow the team returned to victory lane. In a big way. In two thousand eleven reminded everyone how special that legendary number twenty one or is Robert Bain playing defense. He's out in what at age twenty. He's gonna win. The fifty third Daytona five hundred Trevor Bayne gets the win photo. One brothers and are dancing on pit road. Aleksei they are Cade. Leonard would one of the. Pioneers of NASCAR racing. He's gotta run out. And celebrate Donnie wing goes down here. Edsel Ford down here all of the Ford family on top of the pit box. Glenn it's been thirty five years ago today that we went to victory lane with David Pearson. Your thoughts today? Well, I didn't know that was a time. But this is going to greatest ever hand. What do you think about this young driver that you've got is not unbelievable that reincarnation of the silver FOX to them early? I had no doubts about him. Now when Glenn was inducted into the NASCAR hall of fame twenty twelve. He was humbled and said it wasn't about him. It was about the wood brothers team being wreck. Now, this is not just about me being inducted in the hall of fame. And it's also about the Woodrow's and it's about NASCAR. And I've proud to have been a NASCAR driver Carl on for the past sixty years, and I'm proud of this great honor. And this is about two families would family and the Ford van working together, which has resulted in me being here tonight from all of us here at the motor racing network. We send our sincere condolences to the would family and.

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