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Oh yeah i know it's totally different so um you know i it was the bomber 'cause i obviously had wife trust that the old practice texas configuration and i was bound when i heard they were going to do it but uh i guess from after bummed anymore but then you know the rim strategist wait effort um you know with truck set a mile and a half if you're stuffed write a lot of times you could write wide open all right that's simply not the case there on a lot of left and uh get near the term lawn and your stuff really has to rotate um and get a good drive up off the virus check so very unique uh curve one and cuba texas i i don't know a lot of quickly compare to uh honestly you're feels kind of like the old kentucky get uh but it's it's all abdulkader itself different m three and four maybe a little bit similar to what to feel like but um definitely a tricky place and i actually it only getting better obviously um if the pavement gets a little bit age on it i i think you're going to see for really good race texas i really do um especially down tehran two i'm looking forward into the future of course for those of you that are just joining us or or may not understand what we're talking about texas was reconfigured and repaved after the 2016 season friday night was the second race the trucks had been on that and and johnny you're talking about turns wanted to obviously they opened that up a lot to get twenty more feet of wits to work from but i was noticing that when you guys came barely into the double dogleg you didn't swing on as wide and get that aren't going into turnover one as you have in years past was at a byproduct of the new reconfiguration down there.

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