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When I would I hear, you know, about wrestling and people go, and I just before I ever saw tapes or anything like this. And it was always like, oh, the foothills club which was with stampede wrestling parent company was has the best wrestling in North America. And it would be all these guys. I'd never heard. And then, you know, when I find this out the tapes, it's like the smaller in there quicker, and they work a lot faster than everybody else. But you know, every every kid who went into that thing from, you know, Chris Benoit's been bass RAB, and be Wellington all these guys that came through Brian pill, men, Owen, they were all smaller guys that ended up being really good workers that you know, he changed that territory to being like this working territory from being just as big brute territory. Yeah, he was he was the pioneer of that. How long was he actually in stampede Ford's? I'm not sure if it was tied to seventy eight to the first run would be seventy eight to eighty four. It was eighty eighty four August eighty four is when they shut down. And then he went to any worked for new Japan during this period. That's when I you know, May's me in Japan, and then he he when they sold it. He was in WWF, but he didn't like it there, and he quit then he went to all Japan which caused. The problem with Stu because he kind of did it without Stu knowing they inundated that press conference in Japan. And Vince wanted him back and Vince actually went to Japan to get him back and hold on a second slowdown of it to tell us about this. There's a big controversy at the time where they jumped from new Japan all Japan, kind of in the dead of night sort of thing. Press conference. Bob had a press conference. I remember I think it was November. I think that Davey may up just got married to Diana at this time. But it was it was late eighty four because I remember I was I was going to Japan for the tag tournament dynamite. And gave we're supposed to go for mutual pan. And then I got there, and it was like there with all Japan. They had a press conference, and they switch sides and they were in the all Japan tournament, and they weren't even allowed. They weren't even loud to be an ultra pan television because they started contract with new Japan. But baba warned them so bad been Bob into not we're having like the war was at a very high point and they were dynamite. And gave me will really they were key guys in that in that junior heavyweight division dynamite, especially wiscon-, and so it was a giant coup, but like student. No, I guess Mr. hito was the guy who was fed up with new Japan for whatever reason. So one of the things he did and baba was looking at ratings, you know, and they're both rating back and forth. But Bob was looking at big move. And he got Shoshu in those. But he also got dynamite and Gabi and then dynamite was also mad because he done. That's all that great stuff with tiger mask. And he always resented that Abdul the butcher and HOGAN Andre and Greg Valentine, and these other guys would come in and make more money than him in new Japan. And he thought I'm working harder, and blah, blah, blah. So he felt Imbaba offered a lot more money. Bob offered close to what, you know, not staying Hamson money, but the next level down so treated a much much better rubble. So it was really easy for him to jump at Stu was kinda like booking him in. And so it was kinda like neutral pan lost faith in Stu because they thought its do double cross and send them there, and Stu actually didn't even know until the press conference. They kept it from Stu. So then Japan was almost like Stu can't even control his on guys and the Calgary new Japan relationship while it didn't fall apart. It was not nearly as strong after dynamiting Gabi moved over..

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