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The risk of breast cancer hopes older was who prostitutes but in the morning and evening because my wife takes the railroad she takes one on railroad and she takes the subway than she goes into this crowded office where you can even open the windows of somebody sneezes dutch travelling all over the place how she going to get away from every morning i grew a couple of organic censure green tea i happen to like that one or we do to gunpowder green tea alec like that one too and i take two schwartz of our drops its organic which kosher which caffeine free it's non gmo i take to schwartz which is like adding to american such copy green tea to her green tea plus it as natural lemon soak is a really nice flavor the natural lemon prevents your digestive enzymes from destroying the green tea otherwise you green tea has destroyed i two schwartz said green tea drops and my wife drinks that she hasn't gotten sick everybody in her office has been getting sick she's not getting sick there are green tea prochoice but our cocoa schanche bush coco is a wonderful way to restore circulation to an aging brain it's very easy to tell people who take kulchol i noticed that these people are really going to want to do it is compliance there you know if you tell may all you want to help you brain glutton run a mile every day now yet maybe maybe they'll do it maybe they won't maybe they'll do it for a week or two and then stop but if you tell them cocoach great for your brain they're gonna do it because it's cocoa studies show of you do a real cocoa now ours is a real cocoa by the way it's not touched we don't add to milk fats would only add sugar because when you processed cocoa into chocolate it destroys the things that a good for the brain so even when you go out and you get dark chocolate that seventy five percent cocoa chances ardian grigg instead of good for brainer gone or does very minimal mentioned plus cocoa sold in the supermarkets is.

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