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Three FM. Good morning. It is five o'clock. I'm Jim Sharpe. You're listening to Arizona's morning news. The last call or officer. So river police department hoping officer Townsend didn't done vein. They have a message for you. As you hit the road this morning. But I if governor Ducey gets his way every high school in Arizona will have a cop on campus. It's our top story. And here's Jamie, west KTAR is on education, including enough dollars to put a cap on every campus that needs to on America the county. Sheriff Paul Penzone is backing the governor's call for school resource officers at every high school KTAR. Jim cross is live. Germany's sheriff Paul Penzone tells KTAR is MAC and Gaydos. That's unfortunate. It's come to this but campus cops step in the right direction. But as a society, we need to find ways to a better job to keep the threat away from the schools. So that we're not dependent on officers to keep our children safe on the campus. Now, the safer schools plan goes beyond just more cops on campus more school resource counselors school counselors, improve background checks now stop order that protect second amendment rights while keeping guns out of the hands of individuals early. Threatened or any of the governor who will unveil this in his budget on Friday live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. Thanks, jim. It's five oh one and time to look at traffic from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, where we say good morning to Dani Sullivan. Good morning to you. I am looking at your freeways, and I've gotta tell you. I don't have any big items of slowing, but I've got a couple of big items of fog that I need to tell you about state route three forty seven northbound between cobblestone farms road in about Queen creek road. You've got heavy fog in the area and not only that but on I ten the Maricopa freeway, you can expect the same thing very, heavy fog. Now, I can't see all of the Maricopa freeway, but I can't see it from at least Queen creek road up to about Warner road. And you do have reduced visibility due to the heavy fog there. And I'm pretty sure it stretches out far beyond that. This report is brought to you by sun. State tech managed IT voice over IP and more. Visit son state tech dot com today for your free technology assessment. I'm Dani Sullivan, KTAR news.

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