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The issue of kingship i feel is what is really restricting the church in america from being able to affect culture in an effective way i know that you know you have the orphan spirit going on and people you have the poverty spirit going on people you have slave ship mentality going on people in kingship fixes all of those things because when you understand your king you understand the bloodline that you come from you understand that she were the one who was governing rather than being governed you understand that wealth is apart should be a natural part of who you are absolutely you mentioned how the political spirit and the religious spirit like to team up and in order to push through the agenda of the kingdom of darkness and you just so lightly touched on that when it's such a deep a strategy of the enemy and a powerful truth to understand could you bring some more light to that absolutely one of the things that so powerful to me is when you say governmental look at it again because god one man to represent to represent a government so the kingdom of darkness copied that so so immediately which you begin to realize that the spirit realm is a higher authority so what the enemy does especially in the process of of jesus going to the crosser through the cross the political force united with religious force and what you begin to find out is if they're always take note of what happens to jesus in the forces that arises to try to overcome him because when you see the regional quote unquote confrontation when jesus was being led into the willingness by the spirit the holy spirit led jesus right to the political figure or wack and say is the king of darkness there's the kingdom of darkness right there is the political by say that that means that governmental the the wares of his kingdom the agenda of his kingdom jesus was confronted i in the unseen realm of king of darkness.

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