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Scarlett Jo Hanson, and she wants him she's welcome to him. That's funny. Do you have this and we have a celebrity crush? Do you have a celebrity crush? Oh, not anything off the top of my head. I would have said a long time ago that she was into Joseph Gordon Levitt. But I feel like that name hasn't come up in the house and quite a while, so maybe she's over him. Okay. All right. Possibly gotcha. Bright. I mean, you do love Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. So I think coming down on your wife for her love of the Duke of Hastings. It was just her fantasy about leaving me and moving to it just like she did She take the kids which left two kids behind to go. That was stipulated that they would stay with me. It was also kids should have more of a problem than you with this thing. You know, Tanya, you're up to bat. Your husband gets jealous of your celebrity crush, so Last year. You know when the epidemic started, I wasn't working. I was at home. Take care of my mom and you know, like everybody else around the world. We way hook onto Netflix or many other things that we watch TV on and Well, I was like, Oh, you're gonna watch us cereal? My OK, sure. And it's from Spain. So the actress Spanish and Mexican sold totally different from Make sure people understand that. And I was like, Okay, I'll watch it Sure. And I was watching. I'm like, Oh, my God. This guy is like super super duper gorgeous like I think. Oh, my gosh. Like I couldn't get enough of him. And then I was like, Oh my God. He's really handsome Mom, and I was like listening to the song from the soundtrack and I couldn't I was like, binge watching that show and listen time I watch it what it's called Velvet. It's like it's in Spanish, but they have English subtitles Really good? Trust me six Cute, cute series. Well, then I would see that hole in my husband's like, Oh, Would you like me to do that? If I have a serious like that and make sure my problem? Yeah, it doesn't. That's okay. Nothing's gonna happen. It's just It's just a celebrity. Yes, I mean, again. Don't worry about he's in Spain, you know. You know what it is? Sometimes we as men feel a little bit insecure. And we wish that our ladies the women that we love would look at us The way you look at the Duke of Hastings or the space Astronaut from building Yes. Thanks, guys. Hot though. Miguel Jealous the actor? Hmm? That would make the most of it. Yeah. Yeah, because the hottie Reich of it. Oh, my gosh. He he is. Yeah, No, I get it. I'd be, uh, super jealous if I was your husband as well. Alice. Let me think I'm not gotten that far yet. I just I just learned about the guy about what? You're learning that it's just because he's super odd assess the city. I know. Mimi, go Seo. One more time. People stayed over again like you learned to say that your wife trust me. It will be over the minute you hit the door will be over. That's not good. I know many like like, game is on, I guess. Okay. Okay. If I speak Spanish, my wife game is on. She's gonna be into it. I'm pretty sure I don't look like Miguel E. No, That's the problem..

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