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This is a head gum podcast yeah what's the offshoot heads welcome back to another episode of high and mighty it's me your boy one one four johny srouji joining me as always and i might be studios my nearly sound like a hose arthur gabor's are they're gonna shout out mike starting to smell like my breath that's disgusting party is into it also joining me in the high mighty see us for the first time an equally high energy guy pump to have him here guys put your proverbial digital heads together from mike lawrence hey how's it going man u's you say you're you're gonna do like you're really do spare you out and i realize this is going to be every jerky boys can say you found out might has all the character we do over history oh my i would say one of the major factors in my community taste growing up was brought on by frank resolve the jerk i as best as i eat too should i put mustered on and i eat it said when if anything was popular they had to give it a movie bryan even matter if it worked as a movie the let people idea about prank phone calls are about as far away from a movie as you could yes well here oh it's just the guys that do the voice lulu are they good actors all all hurry and they had to fit in as many scenes of them like doing the prank phone calls this she will ugly res q paul was one of those people i south park we gotta give these guys up as others just a seen were trays doing the karpin fire.

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