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Difference warriors all time steph curry that takes it's just a little quiz spot colombian climate timeout china this is fun week stephen do settle down focused per second do guys spilling draymond green is going to be an expert or though keeping his emotions in check playing well on both ends first of all well first of all i'm always focused secondly of bush was molly thanks okay well what what molly is saying what molly is asking because molly is asking about draymond green who had twenty twelve and nine the bagging about a guy who can put up a triple double molly is asking about a god who repeatedly today i was with you felt like he he's cost them games before that's our answer the question molly draymond green as the when we were arguing yesterday sort of who's the who's the alpha of golden state like steph or kevin durant actually the alpha personality is draymond green and he seems to have gotten a lot of stuff under control and be nothing buddy positive force on this team right now raimo hot is just a great player in his prime whose revolutionized the game by the way with with the variety of the things he can do however i will say this when he got tangled up with ad yesterday and they got called i think they both got called for the foul right it was a double thout draymond green could have gotten a tech for that and just left it alone what he was doing to anthony davis like if the rest start really taking a hard look he fouled him about five different times on the play when they were rolling around on the ground he was it was completely extra.

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