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Okay, Matthews, a poor 1000 Lee Mathews County, Okay? Dotcom Does. Kanye West need to be committed? Some people say yes. We'll explore that tomorrow news Radio 1000 Katie. Okay, uh, official statement from the police earlier today on masks statement issued by Oklahoma City police regarding mask the Mask Ordinance, officers will not be not be proactively stopping people for mask violations. Please do not call 911 to report mask violations. Currently, officers air only responding to mask violations if another criminal violation is also being committed, for example, trespassing, disorderly conduct robbing a bank. And if officers are faced with mask on ly violation, they will encourage voluntary compliance and complete a report if necessary. Doesn't say they're going to be issuing citations, and it doesn't say they're going to be arresting anybody. Some of those of you who are still saying they're taking away my rights by making me wear a mask. Does this make you happy? No, because we're still taking away. My right. No, they're not taking away your rights. The government is a strongly as it can trying to suggest you wear a mask to protect others from what you may be carrying. It's not that big a deal. You are making us by something. You go get them free and all the fire departments. Not like back in March, where nobody had any masks. Nobody had any gloves and everybody was hoarding the hand sanitizer. Does that mean I support mask? No, I don't really like wearing the mask. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to go places where I don't have to wear the mask. You can still go bike riding without having aware of the mass. You could still go for a run without wearing the mask. You can still go bad around a tennis ball without having to wear a mask. And the police department is basically admitted. We're not going to really enforce this. 84 1000 lei Matthews, Katie okay dot com on a rainy afternoon high you are on the air. No, go ahead. I have a suggestion or a request. Could Lee make Samora bumper music? Or Is that your job? Oh, no, that's least job and that is also my job. Oh, so you want some more cuts? Yeah. All right. Well, you say it. I'll play. What would you like to hear on the bumper rotation? Well about other songs by B B King. All right, or right, B 52 0 R. Ah, That's a good idea. I'll let b 50 two's Or ah, simple man. Okay, And you're also you're a simple man, but that's that's in a good way. You know, I understand what you're saying. Yeah, this is this damages Other simple man. Yes. All right. What is your name? Your first name? Bill Bill, I'll do it, okay. Well, thank you very much. Give me a week or 10 days to get some of those cuts together, Okay? Appreciate. All right, Justin, I'll call me up. Okay, Well, you know, somebody suggested that I composed a playlist of my bumper music. And that way, If you want to hear it, you can go to the I heart radio happen Here. It the thing is is to compose a playlist You need like 90 to 100 titles. I don't have that many yet. But I am working on it. With the help of Bill So I will add those to it, eh? For 1000 Leigh Matthews ok dot com across the metro Wal Mart customers as of Monday had to wear masks in all Wal Mart stores. Many didn't seem to have a problem with the requirement because most of us have been wearing masks since the pandemic began. One woman said that she wears a mask to protect herself and her family from the virus and encourages those who don't want to wear a mask to just stay home. And even though some customers feel they should have the choice of whether or not to wear the mask, they support businesses rights to employ imposed restrictions on customers. It's the same thing is no shirt, no service. Browsing through the deli section of one Edmond store. One customer said that people should have the right to choose whether to wear the mask. But business is also have the right to ask customers to cover their faces before coming inside. Yeah, if I walked into the Walmart stark naked they'd ask me to leave and they'd call the cops. Now, if you walk in without a mask, the last good to put one on, but I doubt they'll call the cops. By the way, Wal Mart made an announcement today that they will be closing their stores and Sam's clubs on Thanksgiving Day. This is a first For them. They want their employees to spend time with their families during Corona virus, Since most of their stores have been working and open during the Corona virus. I You know, I think, usually by Thanksgiving, everybody should have bought all the food they need. And if they have a last minute item that they can't find well, then that's just tough, But I don't see a problem with Walmart closing on Thanksgiving Day News radio 1000 Katie. Okay, it's the drive with Leigh Matthews. This reporter.

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