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And the early 1990s the new times reported woodside yao way and fourteen other members at the cult were arrested by federal agents are charged with racketeering and conspiracy in fourteen murders and the firebombing this is this cult that he belonged to ricardo woodside the maurice's brother who had once been the cult in the called testified in court that his brother had helped beat a man named ashton green who argued with your way and waste take into the florida everglades everglades take into the florida everglades bar in may and beheaded with a machete according to the new times this is what the michael the black man's brother testified do he also testified that maurice woodside was the cult member who grabbed a e n a man named leonard debris stabbed him in the eye with dick yang wei was sentenced to eleven years in prison maurice woodside who denies the cult denies that they were violent was acquitted along with six others he was acquitted do that years later woodside changed his name to maurice simon at eventually he became michael the black man the guy who stands behind behind donald trump at all these rallies that that's the character that's the character that they have embraced they don't know if if if he has been deliberately placed there by the the advance people in you know for trump but he's always there and they're always pictures of him and he's always standing up and he's always showing this shine former cult member according to all of the test damani according to court records according to federal authorities was prosecuted but acquitted michael the black man that's a trump supporter right away i of so uh let's let's take oh yeah let's take a break and take some calls okay uh let's let's do this uh seven seven three seven six three nine two seven eight let's get some of these calls and early because lu lang will be here shortly and i want to spend a lot of time with him we'll be back after this.

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