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Four ten at news ninety three point one. K F became we've got traffic and weather together every ten minutes. Let's get to it. Here's Dana have busy Friday. Looks like right now this report brought to by the Sacramento international airport, and he spent camp, cities, you head from the fifty transition to the split, especially heavy in mid town. It's going to be about thirteen to fourteen minute trip for you. They're split the Roseville is still about eleven minutes on eastbound eighty hasn't really settled in yet twenty one minutes. And this is downtown elk grove southbound I five if using ninety nine actually a little better eighteen minutes. They'll grow boulevard, bud some bigtime slowing settles in actually Laguna will take y'all way down to issue here where we had an earlier accident. So it's going to be slow and go or stop and go all the way through there. And if you're heading the Folsom, eastbound fifty twenty eight minute ride for you there. Twenty one minutes out to woodland from the downtown area. Northbound I five and downtown Davis. Westbound eighty twenty eight minutes to Mesa boulevard arrive early. And depart happy at Sacramento international airport with more than forty exceptional shopping and dining options to choose from and one hundred seventy five daily nonstop flights over forty destinations and joined the entire journey as easy as SMS and something we're not seeing give us call on the cave became traffic tip line. Dial pound two fifty and traffic traffic on the tens every ten minutes. Mornings and afternoons day, and it has news ninety three point one k k. Clear skies, low around fifty five tonight, tomorrow, mostly sunny, high eighty six Sunday, sunshine in ninety one. We'll be back to one hundred by Tuesday. It's Eighty-eight Davis, seventy four at south Lake Tahoe. Eighty-seven now in Sacramento at news ninety three point one K is we're building a better Sacramento. Yes. And we're going to take a look at what China's hospital is doing this weekend,.

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