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George Raveling. Coach I appreciate you taking time to record this. Follow up to our conversation. It is June seventh twenty twenty, following the death of George. Floyd a lot is happening. How or where would you like to start? I would like to start with a prayer. Please do do merciful God. We! Come before you on this day. To request, you compassionately welcome. George Floyd. Into Your heavenly kingdom. Please restores breath. His heartbeat. He'll is wounds. Allow him to live the lives. He was denied on our. God. Showers some of your richest gifts on the Floyd family. Give them the strength doing these challenging times. Their God. Answered George is dying requests for his mother. Please! Fleas. Tonight. One more time. And finally dear Lord! We. Ask You. To Bring Comfort? And understanding. So the multitude of families. Who have suffered. The loss of their own loved ones. During these times of social, change. We! Make this request in your name. Amen. Amen. Thank you for that Georgia. I find myself. In a very different place than I normally would in these conversations I typically come in with a long list of questions have typically done a lot of homework on the personnel be speaking with, and we've already had one very very long conversation and covered lot, but this is really. A An afternoon where I would like, do more listening than anything else, and I just love to hear from you what you're. What you're observing or what you'd like to share about yourself as a way of entering into this conversation, one of the things that you might find intriguing Tim. Is that I have. Had what I call a stop strategy. And I've had this for years and years and years and I feel it so applicable to contemporary times and the things. We're dealing with now. I think each of us are given one life to live. And each was had fundamental responsibility. To protect that vice and protect ourselves from deaths, and when I have conversations with myself. I say to myself. I must never forget. This. Reality! I am black. Forever. And my number one goal. is to stay alive. You know I'm eighty eighty two year old black man. And I drive a a black Alexis as you week. And does I feel. I have to have a stop strategy. What do I do? If I'm pulled over by police. I've got to turn off the motor. I'M GONNA turn on the PLO and I add some overt evidence. What took place? I'M GONNA roll the window down. I'm. GonNa. Put my hands high up on the steering wheel, so did he that it'll be obvious that I don't have anything in my hands. I'll be polite. I'll be overly polite now, say yes, sir, no sir! Yes, ma'am, no ma'am! And there's a request made for my license I'll ask for permission to reach into my pocket and pull it out. I'll give them my dragush license and I'll also give them. An Old Faculty ID card that I had from when I was coaching at USA. And then I'll pray. And at that moment, I always have one objective. And that is to stay alive. And Ten. Raleigh. It comes a time when you're. When you! You been a black person. WHERE WE HAVE A. Refunded with this reality in that reality is that. We're black forever. But you know what the burden of being black. Wealth And hopefully. It'll bring out the best in me. The very best in me, and and when all is said and done. The only the only true. Validation I see. Is Myself Validation. I've grown to understand that I if it's just senseless for me to struggle for America's validation. If I do that Jim. I'm always going to be chasing Agus. And so that's why as an eighty two year old. Black male. I understand the importance and relevance of having what I call a stop strategy, and have you ever had to use that or have you used it outside is. Do you have other stop strategies for outside of the automobile? How else what other strategies have you carried with yourself throughout life as a black male? Do any come to mind. As your relationship to be in stopped by a policeman. I simple as as as I've been pulled over I on Thomson and and can be totally transparent if it was if I ran a light or I added speeding ticket. I clearly understand that, but I also recognize that there is a protocol that law. Westwood has engage in and so I'm not gonNA ever assume that that my life is not at at risk and so I I wanna be I wanna be prepared when when I, if something like that. Happens. Sadly. I feel like. I'd reached a point in life. Where I have to live my life on defense I've gotta worry more about someone else's. deportment our behavior, then my own. And I realized that as a said. Out Forever be black, so I have to expect that there's going to be certain preconceived ideas about me as a black male. People's people saying they know me Tim. But they don't. They don't really know me. and. I can honestly say you in my lifetime. that. Most people have never really tried to know me. They have a surface impression of May and may be one of our challenges is to try to better understand each other I. Don't put an indictment on people, but I feel guilty that I think I need to know people. I need I need to feel their paying ninety two to to understand that they're carrying somebody else's cross. And you've instant impressions misconceptions I want to mention for people who perhaps didn't listen to part one because I imagine a lot of people will jump to this very timely as at the time of recording conversation. We're having now, but you own probably more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of black collectibles, including figurines books postcards first addition of Uncle Tom's cabin, and some of these are very derogatory. Black person eating watermelon with a smile on his face on a postcard for instance and some of the notes themselves written on those postcards are very derogatory. and I remember from our first conversation. You started to build this historic collections that you could have a legacy for your children and their children. Why is that I? Say That one. This story. To I need a constant reminder. Of of times gone by and how we shall, we arrived at where we are today. I I I used to go to compose to postcard antique shows, and and now it go and search out the vendors who who sold postcards I I have over a thousand dollars. And back to the point. Tim when you have to put a stay on them. And the one common denominator album all. His derogatory riches of, black folks. Eating order melon, big lips, smiling like we're the subtle. References are influences. By the they. Happy they're not bewildered. Look. Look, look we. We treat him. Good look, they smile. And then they remind me also. To tell a story of this long journey of inequity and injustice in so I, I collected the cards. I mean if you if you were to to read some of the messages on their.

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