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Exit and inside were a couple of different tunnels that would link everything together. It's super, super beautiful in there. When we first found it, we skied through it, basically how we did it in the film. We were in there shooting for two days. But the entrance and the exit, they perfectly link up. There's a few a couple of other tunnels in there as well, where we ended up shooting. So it appears to be much longer than it actually is. But yeah, it totally totally works out. I'm also curious about the truck back flip and how that came together. Those definitely a bit of a stupid idea. Looking back at it. Totally paid off though. Yeah, actually, the very first idea was to do it on a bus, but in the summertime and in the winter time, I've been checking out so many places, but couldn't find the perfect spot for the bus. We needed something smaller and that's where my friends came in. They have a construction company, a small construction company. And they were on board right away. And super high to pull it off. The difficulty there was that the truck was way too short. And we had to build an extension on it. Which was just sticking outside at the end at the end of it. And also it was quite slippery. So the only times where it actually worked out when they accidentally crashed the truck into the snowy icy wall at the end of it. So that's the only times where I got enough speed to actually do a decent bag fully into the landing. And the shot, the shot in the film is them crashing into a snow bank. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. And the truck at the end had to stay there because it was all like it was a bit broken in the front and they wouldn't dare to ride it down the mountain. Those are good friends. Yeah, they are the best ones. The whole project was quite personal filled with friends. Especially at cloud park, the park scene, the Friends that came for the truck stunt. We built a rail with them. Those are the guys that showed me the love for this sport. At the beginning, when I was 15 years old, they were all snowboarders, and having all of them involved was super cool. The park rail is quite outstanding to me. It took me about 200 tries. It wasn't very dangerous, but really technical and it took me a while. So the rail was 30 meters long, 30 meters is much more than any rail you usually find in a snow park. And yeah, so basically that rail was super difficult. To even make it through without the trick and I did a four 50 on, which is not that easy with the underflip out. With 200 tries, I made it to the end. Only two times. And yeah. And I just went all in for the underflip out and it worked out and everyone was quite mind blown that I had the guts to actually pull off the under flip out. When it's that risky and it might take me 200 more tries to get to the end of the rail again. I asked Abigail to put this particular trick in context for me. Someone who has never even dreamed of hitting any kind of rail. Trying to imagine something that you have to 200 times to do. Like, say, hitting the easiest least daunting box of the train park for the first time. And then add a cool little trick at the end of it. And so when you're looking at someone like Marcus, who is one of the world's best gears by a lot of different accounts or measures, and he has to 200 times to get something right. That feels like a good indicator of how hard something might be. Yeah, basically the skiing in this video is at the limit from start to finish. 100%. Yeah, absolutely. But get this. When Abigail asked Marcus what the most challenging shot was for him in the ultimate run, it wasn't getting through an ice cave or doing a backflip off a moving truck or even the rail slide, he had to 200 times to get right. Definitely the most challenging that nobody would ever think of. It's actually the last shot the last couple of shots before I stop at the very end. We wanted to have the perfect light. The light needed to fit with the previous shots and we went back to that spot. Maybe 5 times to really get it right and it just looks totally like we went there and nailed it the first time, you know, no feature, no jump, no anything, just skiing down to the very end. And that was actually super difficult to line up with the best light possible. This scene also happens to be Abigail's favorite. Because it reminds her of the very best part of skiing. The feeling at the end of the day or at the bottom of something scary, that little exhale of like, oh, I did what I wanted to do. I did what I came here to do. It's such a nice feeling and I think something you probably can relate to whether that's something that you came to do is hitting a big cliff or skiing a bumper on that scares you. I think that's why this film is so special because I think it's equally entertaining and interesting for someone who knows every last thing there is to know about the sport and someone who has gone in a couple ski vacations. When you see Marcus giant smile at the end of the film, it really does make you want to get out there. Not just to chase whatever your ultimate run is, but to relish in that feeling that comes just after. The satisfaction of being perfectly exhausted, having completed exactly what you set out to do. This film makes me want to do things on skis that I'm not comfortable with. And to become a more well rounded skier because I think if you have this whole arsenal of styles of skiing, you can never really have a bad time. So this definitely makes me want to ski and it makes me want to ski different. It makes me want to learn new things. That's perfect. That's everything you ever want out of a stoke film, I think. Yeah, absolutely. You can watch the ultimate run on Red Bull snow's YouTube channel, and follow Marcus on Instagram at MAR Ku S, the number one ED, ER. This episode was written and produced by me, maren Larson, and edited by Michael Roberts. Thanks to Abigail baronian for interviewing Marcus and to Kelly Klein and Fred dryer for telling us about their ski dreams. This episode was brought to you by fat tire. Maker of delicious, easy drinking beers and a company that's taking action to address climate change. Join fat tire in calling on the International Olympic Committee to require that all future sponsors of the games be climate leaders. Visit point of snow return dot com to sign the petition and learn more. The outside podcast is made possible by our outside plus members. Learn more about all the benefits of membership at outside online dot com slash pod plus. Also, we're offering new members a 25% discount. Just enter the code, pod 25 at checkout..

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