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Governor. Bashir didn't have a whole lot to say, Willy. When it came Teo the case with the Brown a tailor, he did mention that the National Guard is act is ready to act if necessary, if needed, Um, the guard and the Kentucky State police would engage in limited specific missions where they would be under their own command. That would be in support of L A. P D. I can't imagine. All the work that the different agencies are using to make sure that they have a coordinated effort to defend the buildings and protect lives. Homeland Security's going to protect the federal buildings. Willie as you pointed out, rightly there Earlier you got el NPD. You have little fire and rescue. You have Kentucky State police, which are apparently going to be there and support of l A, p D. And then the possibility of the National Guard. Has you heard of the governor? Talk about right there. So either way, um we've been hearing some stories about the different areas. Of hotel sightings and even staging, for example of a bill. You know, of all kinds of different officials with other homeland security, and I think they have a staging Um, situation there at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center from not mistaking. Have you heard that will I have not heard that, but he wouldn't surprise me. I mean, it's a Sizable area that you could use this kind of a command post area. Try me. I wouldn't rule that out. It's it's a spot that's outside of the the restricted area. If you will. It's The only other place I think that would be large enough to do something like that would be the International Convention Center, and that's obviously in the restricted area. So ah! I have not heard that but it again. Just putting two and two together. That kind of makes sense. I haven't been there, so I can't officially tell you that again, You know, um You hear a lot of things you see a lot of things and a lot of things that have not, um, panned out when it comes to Facebook and and other things that people have been put out there and they don't mean to Be mean or anything that they feel like they're updating people, but you've got to be careful with him. We have to be careful about it as well. But I have heard a number of people that indicated The you know, for example, that homeland security you know, they've seen vehicles around those kinds of things. So we're getting ready and we'll announce we come today. I don't know. I suspect That it could just given the nature of what some things we've seen The mayor, for example, for the first time in several what weeks or months, Scotty? I guess I had to cancel today's interview at 8 15, which we normally have. And so I guess everybody. Yeah, I kind of thought that was coming. I understand. I mean, there's just there's a lot that's going on. Right now. I'm bigger fish to fry than Come on for five minutes. Well, yeah, there's there's just a lot. It's about to get real in this city. Hopefully, it's for the better as Willie mentioned, you know, hopefully Ellen PDS plan for the worst hoping for the best, and it sounds like they've got a handle on it. We make it through this whole thing, and it may just be I'll have some violence, but it may turn out to not be as bad as what everybody thought it wass way. But we don't know The important thing to remember here is that there are only a handful of people who truly know what that decision's going to be. Attorney General Daniel Camera didn't even know he presented his investigation. The grand jury is the only group of people who knows how this is going to go and I don't I don't know the exact number off the top of my head who sits on the grand jury. It's obviously larger than the standard 12 for a criminal trial, but When you're talking about a grand jury. I mean, that's the utmost secrecy until they decide it's not a secret anymore. Soli. It's I mean, we're talking at most. Maybe 20 people who know and they're not talking..

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