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This is the pep rally we need. This is going to get people to show up and vote by God. Yes. I mean, not criminalizing. Not decriminalizing weed. That's not going to get turned out. Not fighting for road, not the January 6th hearings. Yes. Not even a student loan debt relief. This show is going to drive turnout. Yes. Reverend. We're not going to be thanking you this time next week. Thank you. Don't do it. We are doing it safely. Vaccine masking required a way to test the negative Thank you. For what? I was exposed to someone who has COVID. Oh, this weekend. Yeah, we're not worried about that. Okay Andrew workman with a good point because somebody was whining as they are about. What was it Marjorie Taylor Greene somebody about the, you know, 15 men was what's her name? Andrew, said, there are no vaccine mandates. There are jobs that require you to be vaccinated to work there. You have the choice to work elsewhere if you want to remain unvaccinated. You know what is a personal choice health decision that no American should face consequences for abortion? Thank you. Why did they hate the free market? Why do they hate private business? These Republicans. Oh, my God. Aren't they all about right? No, private businesses should do. If a crime wants to protect themselves and their employees by saying you must be there. They don't really believe it though. They don't believe in small government. They don't believe in stopping illegal immigration. They don't believe in banning abortion. It's crap they say to get your votes, rubes, that's it. Sherry and Maryland, you're on with John. Hello, sherry. Hello. Oh, hello. Hello. Oh. Go ahead. How are you guys? Good, good. Go ahead. So I have to tell you that every time I hear your comments, the bag of rats. And the accompanying sound effect, I just giggle from much. It's very immature. You are very imagery. I get a lot of pleasure when the big bag of rats turns on each other. I love making women. Hey, you know, sherry, there's a T-shirt, big bag of rats at the Stephanie. It's Stephanie Miller dot com. Really? Oh my God, I'm gonna have to get it. Yes. It's really good graphics. The store tails sticking out fantastic. All right. Thank you, sherry. It'll make you giggle. All right, she's just giggled. It's a lie to her that she can find a big deck of rats T-shirt. Okay. Okay. Jeff teeth were yesterday's. It's Wednesday, Joe Biden is in The White House, Donald Trump is in a courtroom. Yeah. We'll

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