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Every game has something within it. That is transcendent in unique in beautiful because the game is that. And that's all i hope for. Is that people come together and see the absolutely and speaking of that beautiful segue into my next point so speaking of beautiful things and otherwise not ideal games. What do we think of marcus. Smart's debut as a commentator. Did he's going to be the next. Tawny i feel he's he's got such a calm. Dulcet tone about him. That i love you. Get genuine excitement when he saw that play developing between lake between p making that steel and then tatum thrown up the fridge. Dante electronic about that beautiful. He has such a beautiful presence about him. And i think he just like defines what it means to be a celtic in every single way in a lot of ways he basically manufactured an eight point swing as far as i could tell when i was. Yes he did. That's his life force us. The human swing good or bad. He is like when he's lines. Everything happens. He house like this ability to see things before they happen. That is unique to him. Because i've seen stars do it. But i've never seen a role player. Really do it. I think he has real potential to be like tony. Romo level commentator just like plays before they happen making stuff happened through sheer force of will. I think it could be like a really important development for this team's future. And i really hope that you know he can be a the answer to what i think has been perhaps the most depressing feature of the celtics broadcast. Which is Scowl i am the biggest scall- hater in the world from a broadcasting standpoint think i'm i'm fine with style the player in the media but scowl. The broadcaster does not do it for me. I've had i've had moments of like. I wish you'd be nicer to abby have is a wonderful professional in very good at what does in like i don't know i think we're all equals in like being an ex players like a weird thing to navigate like ego wise but like i i just i just hope I just hope he gets better. You know what. I mean because it ain't then great and it's hard to replace. Tom heinsohn we all. We all loved. Tommy he's like are are like coochie belligerent..

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