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Bernie Sanders laying out the state of play on the ongoing invisible. Two thousand twenty democratic primary which seemed to truly get underway over the past few days, check out to some of the headlines from this week. Let's discuss first of all Senator Turner, you work for Bernie Sanders in two thousand sixteen is he running do you want him to run again? Or are you still feeling the Vernon? I'm still filling the barn. I mean, he's seriously thinking about it. I mean, all that. He has said he is not totally made up his mind. But I think he's probably one of the very few in that makes who would say steel looking to see who might be the best person to actually do this job. I think the Democrats and the and the country can expect there's lots of variety in twenty twenty on the democratic side variety is often said to be the spice of life spice it up in twenty twenty on the democratic side. A lot of spice thirty five. Well, at least twenty and twenty twenty we know that for sure or more, but we didn't have that in two thousand sixteen and so although I am very supportive of Senator Sanders. I am also supportive of anybody who wants to run should get out. There is there anyone you like anyone looking at one of the people that I totally love dropped out this week who has developed Patrick I was hoping that he would do it because I want somebody who can cause our hearts to soar and who has experienced and grounded. But I you know, I'm all about the spice. I just don't want the heartburn. I do think that we are going to have a an incredibly robust, and wonderful example of democracy, and I'm excited about it. Is there any democratic you think that you're afraid of that you that you don't want me honest. Here's here's where I come down. When the Democrats win they pick someone unexpected or someone from some someone who's not the Bill Clinton. Barack Obama Brock Obama Jimmy Carter when they picked John Kerry or Al Gore or Hillary Clinton. They lose. And so I'm hoping for Bernie or Elizabeth or somebody like that someone tired old Joe Biden put them out there. We'll win. Someone new then then I think I think they have chance there's a Elizabeth Warren. Speaking of Massachusetts, Patrick, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts story in the New York Times skewered here decision to release a DNA tests to try to show that she actually does have native American ancestry her hometown newspaper. The Boston Globe this week quote, Warren, Mr. moment in two thousand sixteen and there's reason to be skeptical of her perspective candidacy in two thousand twenty she's become a divisive figure a unifying voices. What the country needs right now after the polarizing politics of Donald Trump. Yeah. I think the country needs unifying voices period. I mean, I think the country's unbelievably divided. It's frightening to me. I would monitor the president on some of that as well say, hey, I better rhetoric to unite people the thing I think with the Democratic Party in two twenty twenty is they're gonna end up with a far left candidate right now, you see even the leadership Nancy Pelosi. They're begging for their far left. They're turning to the far left. It's not going to be a centrist party was a centrist party. I think they'd put somebody up like Joe Biden. And unlike Senator Santorum, actually, Biden would be a really tough candidate. But if you go far farther to the laugh. Well, let me tell you something wanting a fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage wanting to make sure that if twenty five trillion for all the same. To the military industrial complex there there. There is no far less. I don't paint and others. This is the thing as far as higher. You know, people being tired appreciate that as far as people being tire. You know, whoever runs that we'll be running against President Trump most likely and the last time I checked he wasn't a spring chicken. So once we start getting into ages, and we have a problem because days twenty year old. Sixty eight year old Dublin you think could be Donald Trump. I think so because he's he's kinda run as a centrist. I think he can track the kind of people that are voting for Donald Trump the middle class the blue collar workers. I think he's the one that can take that away. You put somebody like Bernie Sanders celebrating the middle. Let me please. Thank you. If you put somebody like Bernie Sanders up it's just out of the stream of what people want. So you're not a liberal country. I would say we're probably moderate another two thousand twenty possibility Senator Kirsten gillibrand democrat of New York. She tweeted this week, quote, our future is female intersectional. Powered by by our belief in one another, and we're just getting started a number of conservatives rebuked her from that Donald Trump junior tweeted good to know, my girls will be excited about this. When is it appropriate to let my boys nine seven and six year old that there's no future for them. Not sure this is a willing winning platform. But you beat you for forgetting Don juniors part of this second. What do you think of the idea of the future is female the future is intersectional? I think. I definitely think this midterm shows that women rose up in incredible numbers, but we're still not half of congress. We're still not half of the supreme court. We still we hold up half the sky and more than half the votes, but we're still not represented. So I think it is time for a woman to be on the ticket. I disagree with that him that the agenda is is going to be as important the far left. I think they're all far left. But I think what we saw from the governor's race in Georgia. We saw from from the governor's race in Florida. We saw from the Senate race in Texas. With beta is they were all ran far left. They were unapologetically broad, and they almost want and some really tough states. It's it's the messenger. The best communicator wins, Donald Trump is a great communicate. You might not like him. But he's a great communicator. They've gotta find someone who's a great. What's going on? I have heard House Democrats talking about that will work and saying that he should run for president. They think he's inspiring inspiring and he's courageous Gillam Abrams. Okay. Let me. Yeah. I mean, they ran very strong racist. So betas one side of it Gillerman them as well. Now, I want to throw him out there. Now, they're including thanks for being here. You can call him on his cellphone, President Trump might be looking for somebody new to.

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