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Pa this is the her wherever you may be and however you may be listening we are live in los angeles iheartradio fox sports radio on f s one christie lay he is joining me on a friday in which we've got lonzo ball performance deshaun watson out for the year deal elliott now is officially allowed to play one more week one more week fear ready for friday show exciting thing for a second do not heard the news is a he'll elliott for one more we can play eventually he's going to have to have a sixgame suspension i'd probably get to that as soon as i could after the chiefs want to be ready for the playoffs if they get there but just think about being quarterback for the dallas cowboys just think about this for a second it is the number one brand in the nfl and the nfl of course is the number one tv show on five networks and the centerpiece of it is dak prescott just a kid so thing about the enormous pressure to be the starting quarterback for the dallas cowboys it's not about arm it's not about size or your grown up so as eko elliot can only practice today could not practice this week he's honestly become a really really talented distraction so the question is over the cowboys beat buttoned up i want you to think about this for a second what dak prescott has dealt with this year as the star quarterback for the most watched tv show on five networks the nfl there was that jerry jones anthem issue.

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