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I don't know man out love to have the type of old school temple. Let's uncle beat. John and then i feature took singing on it. I'll be excited. Men the mall excited. But you know. I'll block to sell my busy kenny wheeler needs. It's different the temple music that up in planning at the moment. I don't know i'm getting owner. Julich enroll you know recipe on bureau of music music on talk mississippi choosing all the sounds. That's what i wanna do maybe outdoors. I'll collaborate with one of the who was this guy envious bloom. You know those type of guys man. I i don't know man. But however to reducing number usa seeing Who as what each nick weather five minute from would elect to as to Everybody that have been buying my quarter. One study. sending it kills appeared kindo york king all the issues that have been rookie. Mind Jesse boy chessmen fire. There's a Oh the upcoming other coming kids coming through the nazi human. You so yeah. Don't have much much to say more shutouts but you know most people everybody by cottam. That's pretty soon. Maybe end this episode. This business starts. I'm thinking of lead making home into fifty minutes long from lake. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. We've casado onto one on one. And i hope you guys i hope in one-sentence anyway. I hope i hope. I hope but it'd be continued becoming calling so guys next business to meet with another episode episode. I shut up..

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