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Mutual ninth ranked Washington squaring off against number six, Ohio State or NFL draft. Guru Melkite junior with some pro prospects to keep an eye on this one starting with the buckeyes signal caller. Presented by northwestern. Mutual redoubts going to be about Wayne Haskins with Justin Herbert Oregon going back for his final campaign Dwayne Haskins. Clearly, the number one quarterback could be the number one pick overall you plays. Well, here has a good draft process. He will be the guy is ruined come late April in April twenty fifth Paris. Campbell's go-to guy. He's a wide receiver really picked up the pace became more consistent catching the ball has always been a vertical stretch option with his great speed down the field. Paris Campbell could be in the late. First early. Second round decks Mike Weber running back third or fourth round possibility on the defense aside, Nick Bosa not playing in the game. But he's in line to be the number one pick overall at worst the number two pick in the draft on defense aside as well. Upfront Draymond Jones, defensive tackle, very good athlete. Tremendous. Physical ability sorta have production match, the potential and the ability. He has dream aunt Joan's in that twenty five to forty range late first early second round. The washington. Huskies back end secondary. Where the talent lies in terms of the NFL draft. Byron burpee a cornerback with wide receiver hands. The interception presents itself. He comes down with a turnover. Byron Murphy, I think we'll be in the first round. Taylor, rap hard hitting sake. Julia throwback light safety the seventies. Eighties and ninety Stahl the NFL Taylor wrap though, I think is a second round draft choice. Come late April. Defensive.

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