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Flash All right Charlie thank you so much Carl master Tim steno back here on Bloomberg business week We talked about some of the big headlines And certainly one of the big ones is the hospital admission in the U.S. for COVID-19 We are seeing them receding about 34 states in the nation's capital So that's a good sign to him Yeah and closer to home Terrell here in New York City or in New York State I should say cases have dropped 92% from their peak Like I said gotten busier Have you noticed Yeah streets have gotten busier and I'm riding the subway again So you feel better Yeah it's the paranoid person metric you know you can just follow me If I'm riding the subway things are okay The dims den of egg metrics Hey let's bring in our next guest with our daily check on the pandemic Doctor Kevin I'm just his director of medical affairs at the BioTech company along jevon He is on the phone for Miami Doctor am does it's nice to have you here with us How are you Good good Good afternoon Thanks Thanks for walking on the program Yeah you bet It's good to have you here Tell us a little about your company in terms of what you guys do Because you're involved big time when it comes to stem cell research Yes absolutely Absolutely Okay so for context I'm not a director of medical fears a long job and we're kind of staged BioTech company in my Florida publicly traded on the NASDAQ We specialize in cellular therapies for life threatening chronic conditions We recently work granted by the FDA orphan drug and where PDFs disease designations for our efforts in treating infant heart defects affecting babies with HLHS which is hypoplastic left heart failure But aligned with what you were just talking about omicron and COVID-19 one of the therapies we actually have a phase one clinical trial for in the U.S. is for COVID-19 ARDS which is acute respiratory distress syndrome Our lead product launch will be works in dampening the cytokine storm that's seen in ARDS And that's kind of a severe form of COVID-19 Once you get it and the body doesn't react as well and it really gets uptake in the lungs and you develop ARDS that's when we hope that our products will have really good effects and clearing out that cytokine storm allowing the lungs to heal and the body to repair itself Doctor Rhodes this condition that you're speaking about and your company is working on treating does that happen Do we know from a that something that is a consequence of other variants including delta and alpha Yes So all variants all variants are produced respiratory diseases and respiratory disease could be upper respiratory tract or in the lungs And they do have the potential to be dangerous We have seen a dip in the more severe cases but it absolutely has been present during odd ways the current almost on wave So and with this treatment a lot of the treatments that we see right now are very variant dependent And this treatment is more independent It's all patients and regardless of the variant that get pneumonia and have this severe syndrome You are working on various treatments and they're all in various stages A lot of them do involve research in a lot of it for chronic disease A lot of it dealing with diseases of aging Alzheimer's aging frailty What's the biggest potential and soon as potential for your company specifically when it comes to top and bottom lines Yeah that is a question we get asked a lot So our company was founded on aging related diseases Like you mentioned frailty and cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer's We recently completed our phase one Alzheimer's in the U.S. and we just started our phase two trial With frailty we completed our phase two trial and now we are starting a phase two trial in Japan So we believe that we have potential in both physical and cognitive aging processes But is it at least a year or two before you get through these phases Well currently currently the trials that are we were trying to expedite it but there's only so much and then because pandemic we had to kind of limit the way our enrollment would have gone our face one always our we expected the finish much earlier than it would end up happening But we are looking at probably a year to complete enrollment in our phase two Alzheimer's thought and that will definitely give good top line results and we're able to get clear indicate the direction that we're going So and that's going to be complete enrollment by the end of the year Hey doctor Rhonda I want to talk a little bit about the evolution of the virus here just in the last minute that we have with you There's been a lot of discussion about this moving from pandemic to endemic And I'm wondering if somebody who watches the space closely what are the signs that you're looking for to indicate to us that okay we're out of this pandemic And this is endemic now Yeah And that is a great question And with these ways so with these variants with these types of there's mutations constantly And new variants are able to popping up all the time It's very hard to predict But the fact that the results are less severe less patient hospitalized less depth of current those are very positive signs Another big cause of sign is is vaccines being approved for the I believe Pfizer is going up for less than 5 years old These are great signs that we are in the path to the right path for this to become like an influenza endemic where you could go in on annual basis and the results are not as severe and it's not as infectious So the signs the current stats are great right now Well great to check in with you and certainly keep us up to date as you guys move through your trials As doctor Kevin rob does he's director of medical affairs at Ron on the phone for Miami long driver and by the way it's a BioTech.

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